Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Out and About

We have entered that time of the year we just can't stay home. The weather has been great and we are enjoying our time outside. And, as a side note can say how great it is to go on field trips and *not* have to use the stroller constantly, or carry the extra 25lbs of stuff.

A lot of time has been spent at the soccer fields. This is Emily's first year...it is such fun watching the little ones chase the ball and then fall down in the dirt and start hunting for clover or build dirt towers, totally ignoring the ball rolling past them. A big difference from Mary's level where the girls are focused on tryouts for next year and us parents are all sitting around discussing if we should jump ship to another league for better coaching. If the girls are going to make it to the next level at age 11, then this is a very important year for good coaching.

Last week we traveled to the zoo with my mom. The girls really wanted to visit the arctic animals this time.

We also learned that not all wild animals are confined to the zoo...
Sometimes we bring them in with us.

And sometimes they are along the paths...

We also finished off Mary's Girl Scouts for the year with a little celebration. Katie's troop will continue into the summer when she moves up and becomes a Brownie. But, at least I will no longer need to be two places at once every other Tuesday evening.

Yesterday I took advantage of one more pretty day before the rain and storms moved in for another trip to Black Creek and some rock hunting.

We brought home a nice collection of rocks to identify, a few leaves that Katie wants to identify and a picture of an Eastern Box Turtle that I refused to bring home.

Today the rain is falling, so I guess we will not be heading out anywhere. Lots to catch up around the house anyway. A nice quiet day is always good.


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