Thursday, September 28, 2006

Yep - That was my day

MB did not wake-up this morning until after 9:30. Yes, the child that was insistent on having a 6:30am wake-up an her own alarm has already developed alarm deafness. She is her parents' child. Since she was so late waking up and I am running on limited energy resources right now - I gave her the option of whether or not she wanted to go on the field trip we had today. Honestly, I did not really want to trek around the other two to the field trip and then on to our errands. She decided that no, she wasn't very interested in going.

Our preschool 'fun' activity today was going to be drawing with chalk on dark construction paper - nothing but a different medium. But, it does include all of them at their own level - EM is into all sorts of coloring and scribbling, K is into writing all these three-letter words and rhyming families she is learning off of the Leapster games, and MB just loves to be involved in what the little ones are doing. I put in a tape of Tom Sawyer to get a little sneaky literature into our morning. The activity went well, for about 5 minutes. Then, MB is dragging the chalk board from the bedroom down the hall to the family room, K is fussing with EM because out of the 15 pieces of pink chalk that we have - only one will do, EM gets that gleam in her eyes because she can see that she is pushing K's buttons and so proceeds to push it even further. Of course, once MB gets the chalk board into the family room ALL of them want to use it.

I try to distract EM with the Aquadoodle - which ends up enticing all of them and EM ends up back at the chalkboard.

Before Chaos totally erupts around me, I get everyone into their shoes and we head out for our errands. A little change of scenery. My grocery run was highly succesful. The main thing we were needing to pick up was sugar cubes for MB's science co-op - But, I notice in the sales fliers a few other good deals. In total I spent about $40 today, but the store value was over $90 - so I was very psyched about that most of the afternoon. The best deals were the $.49/lb chickens, $.88 canteloupe, cans veggies for < $.30 after store discount & double coupons, and the 'free' oatmeal.

The errand run worked on the girls and we all came back to the house in a happier mood. I, because of the deals; the girls because they ran into an old gymnastics teacher who was working at the grocery store and got them each balloons (which I never do).

We had lunch, quiet time and then it was suddenly time to head over to MB's science club meeting. I visited for a little while before we had to leave MB there and come home to meet the babysitter for the other two.

Because of our time crunch (appointment, science club & soccer practice), dh volunteered to go pick MB up from her science club and take her to Soccer practice. Kudos to him for getting involved in MB's homeschooling. At least he got to experience the excitement she gets from being a part of the group and he got to be the first one she shared her project with, etc. He also got to meet some of the other mothers.

This evening it has been the girls and I, since it is daddy's night out. So, we have done very little. I have mainly been sighing over the amount of housework that needs to get done, vs. my total lack of energy level and imposed limitations. I could have probably 'cracked the whip' a little bit harder this evening and gotten more things done - but I just wanted to laze with the girls. We had been so busy all afternoon.

It is finally quiet around here. The kitchen, while not spotless in clean enough, laundry is ready to go tomorrow morning and the girls already know to expect a day of lessons tomorrow. We are not going anywhere (except to drop one bill in the towns bill drop).



Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Schedules, food and things about best laid plans

Fist an update. When I went back for my follow-up OB appointment Monday my results were back from the lab and I did not, after all have an UTI. The various symptoms are still about - all though not as bad as they were last week. It seems that I am just in another long/pro-longed prelabor period (I did this with MB also). The doctor has no idea - but since nothing seemed threatening to me or the baby, has just decided to wait and see what happens. Junior seems to be doing well, although he is ready and just waiting for the door to open, so to speak. The midwife seemed slightly putoff by how low I am carrying him now - especially for a fourth pregnancy and only 35 weeks. My mom did have to remind me that at the beginning of the pregnancy there is some doubt about my lmp, and the midwife I saw then suggested that I may be 1-2 weeks further along, which would put me at 36-37 already. Apparently this has been noted and the comment has been made that they would be comfortable at this point if something did happen, letting it happen. I am not on any sort of bedrest at this point, and have been allowed to resume normal activities - just try to get some rest and not overdo it - you know those commensense things that fall by the wayside when you are home with three young ones.

Still working on the diet thing for MB, for all of us really. It doesn't seem to be that far of a stretch for us when it comes to meals, we are already including many of the foods that are suggested and I am doing more scratch cooking just as part of our $$ saving. The hardest part has been getting her to eat, anything, recently. It is like the more I emphasize, the more she just rebels against eating. So, I am going to revert to underground tactics on this one and de-emphasize it with her for awhile. I thought maybe if she knew and had input she would take more ownership. Oh -well

MB did ask for a better daily schedule for us. She is totally obsessed with clocks and time and when certain things are done. Part of our school day on Monday was sitting down and organizing the schedule. I have done it in pencil at this time to allow for a period of time for us to adust it. She wanted to wake-up at 6:30 (like her friends do) - I nixxed that. I wake-up at 6:30 and want at least an hour of my time each morning. We compromised for 7:30 - then she asked me last night to reset her alarm clock for 8:00. Obviously, we are not morning people. The only other discussion and arbitrary decision I made was that school was going to last longer than 1:30-2:00pm. Her schedule was kind of like - free play, snack, recess, lunch, school (30 mins), quiet time, free play, dinner. She still thinks of 'school' in terms of the day care she went to until she was almost 4.

Our loose, loose schedule goes: wake-up, lounge time (the girls need this to fully wake-up), breakfast,dress, am chores, preschool activites - floor time/independent work for MB, snack, recess, group project (arts&crafts, errands, something), lunch, quiet reading - nap time, MB-mom school lessons (while the younger two are having down time), computer time, free play, pm chores, dinner, evening activities. We'll see how well we follow this schedule. It seems loose enough for me. And, MB can 'know' what she is supposed to be doing.

Anyway, my computer time is way past over so I need to go throw food at the masses.



Saturday, September 23, 2006

Fretting, Fretting

Being a mom is tough. Being a mom to the oldest is horrible. Especially when the oldest has the personality quirks you worry about the most. Out of my 24 hour day - I probably spend more time worrying and fretting over MB than the other two put together. Its not that the other two don't deserve my fretting too - there just seems to be less there to fret over. It is the constant question in my mind: "Is this normal? Am I being paranoid?"

MB came pre-packaged wound-up tighter than a top. Awake, alert, fussy, active. She has a very active go-get personality and gets along relatively well with others. Other people rave about how much they like her personality. Of course, being with her so much, I do tend to get to experience more of the fallouts - but that is to be expected. Being that she comes from a long-line of high-demand, active children - we have just chalked her little behavior patterns to that and figured that she would grow out of them. (side note: Not to make her seem all bad - she can also be extremely sympathetic, very helpful and is wise beyond her years in some regards - but right now I am worried about the other end of her spectrum)

So, since I have had very little else to do but observe her instead of being in the battle with her, I am starting to wonder if there isn't more going on? I've noticed in recent conversations with her some esteem issues becoming apparent and she herself has wondered if she is different some way. I don't really care to have her 'diagnosed' at this point - as it really doesn't matter to me if she is ADHD, hyperkinesthetic, or hypoglycemic. They all have very similar behavioral patterns and are treatable in many of the same ways. Having her on meds for ADHD would not be an option for us - I will not put my child (a child of a parent with a history of substance abuse) on speed. It just isn't an option for me.

As I was saying before I went off to clarify my stance, I have been able to observe and try to make sense of some of the patterns I am seeing. And, I am really leaning toward dietary changes to begin with, and if we can get stabilized than work on behavior changes. Right now we seem to be so pitched in battle position that we cannot not even begin working on changes.

I am hoping to encourage a higher-protein diet. We are not sugar freaks around here, but I will try to limit that even more. MB generally makes good decisions regarding her diet - carrot sticks, bananas, apples, etc. In fact, I sometimes wonder if she gets enough 'fat' in her diet. So, I am trying to find lists of high-protein foods and menus , especially breakfast, that she will eat. Eggs are a wonderful source, except she only likes the white of the egg. I am also trying out milkshakes in the afternoon - a little before the time she normally goes into meltdown H*ll. I tried a little milk-coffee with her the other morning, but could not get her to take more than 3 sips.

I know I am rambling and probably not making much sense. I just finally have some quiet time around the house to be able to be on the computer and I wanted to get this out. I am really, really struggling with what to do with her. I love her so much. She is my first born and has so much potential, I just would hate to see something knock her off the path. At the same time, I can't spend so much of my day either in battle with her or tip-toeing around her. I have other children to love, raise and educate. I want to do the right thing - but I struggle so much with knowing what the right thing is with MB.



Thursday, September 21, 2006

Minor Troubles

I have spent the majority of the past two days laying flat on my back. Good thing my 'substitute' was still in town.

Apparently a UTI can flare into major pain in 24 hours, and then start contractions (especially if one is prone to pre-term labor). So, I have been laying around feeling pretty useless while waiting for antibiotics to take affect.

This morning I woke up feeling a thousand times better. Still spending the majority of time on the sofa. But, I was able to do lessons with the girls this morning. That felt good. Mom was able to leave to go home for a few days - she took K with her - and will be back on Monday.

I am now faced with restricted activity for the next couple of weeks - but at least I can get up and do things again.



Monday, September 18, 2006

Substitute Teacher

Well, a houseguest = less computer time. Not getting a chance to get on the computer since our guest room is also where the computers are.

My mom is up here visiting. She came for K's 4th birthday on Saturday and decided to stay long enough to go with the girls to their choir class on Tuesday. They really love involving her in their lives and she enjoys seeing what they are doing. I am very blessed to have such a supportive family when it comes to homeschooling.

It worked out well since I had one of my checks at the OB office today. She stayed home with the girls and did morning lessons with them while I went to the appointment and then ran a quick errand. By the time I came home everyone was settling down for lunch with all their 'organized' lessons completed. After lunch MB wanted Mamaw to help her with her science poster on salt marshes that she needs for her Wednesday Co-op, so I just got to watch from the sideline.

My mom, really played the substitute today. She was insistent that I get off my feet. Especially, after the midwife found that junior has dropped significantly, and with my tendency towards pre-term labor wants me to take it easy for at least the next two weeks.

My mom took over all child care duties for the entire day. It felt strange. To be watching the lives of my children, but not fully engaged or involved. To review their written work and hear about what they did as opposed to actually being a part of it. I wonder if this is what school would feel like for me?

I did make sure I managed the reading time tonight. At least it is something I can keep up with.

It was a good day and I am very thankful for the help. Kudos to all who support those that homeschool.



Friday, September 15, 2006

Relaxed Thursday

In my frustration over how structured lessons went on Wednesday I decided to chuck to books into the middle of the table for Thursday and just have a relaxed day. These days always seem too be so successful for the way the girls learn that I wish we could go this direction all the time. But I am so worried about maintaining 'grade-level' (DH will not commit to hs more than one year at a time) especially with MBs reading that I feel like we have to push on those 'basic' areas in case she does go into school.

We got much more done yesterday than we have in a few weeks. The day was spent doing and reading what the girls wanted to - within reason.

Earth Science - read about the layers of the Earth and colored a diagram of the layers
Boiled eggs and used them to explain "crust, mantle & core" of the earth
Electricity - Impromptu discussion on electrical shorts after I noticed that one of our outlets in the kitchen was shorting (darn alum wiring) showed it to MB and explained how we have to make sure electrical connections are always tight
MB worked independently with her electricity science kit and an old broken hand-held fan to make it work again.
Biology - Both MB and K did their daily insect hunt around our yard - finding two more writing spiders.

~ Read a book on shapes to K. She practiced drawing circles and triangles on the white board. This turned into an elaborate picture story of all of us going on a treasure hunt.
~ Introduced solid shapes to MB. We made various sized cones from construction paper and then wore them as hats or noses. We also played ball while we talked about the sphere shape.
~ MB played with her geo-board, which led to a discussion on diameter and radius and how circles are measured.
~ K and I played pick up sticks (picking up amounts from one-to-five) with popsicle sticks.

~ "The Gingerbread Man" - MB and K chose this story to make-up a play for it. So today I read it aloud several times while they practiced acting it out with their props and saying their lines. We also read another version of the story just to compare.

~ MB read aloud the entire early reader: "Bugs, Beetles and Butterflies"

~ We read aloud four chapters in Aztec Warriors: How They Lived

~ Outside play after it stopped raining
~ MB rode her bike with a friend (and her mother) over to the library and back

So, we had what can amount to a full-day of school. Limited stress and everyone had fun. I am not running back to the books anytime soon. We have a spelling test today and that is the only mom-imposed, we have to do it, thing we are doing. Otherwise I am going to see what they ask for today.



Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Some "Home" Schooling

Our morning project. Doesn't it just look yummy? It was!!

MB helped me with everything but the chopping & slicing. Then while the rain fell outside and the temps hovered in the mid-'60s it simmered away on our stove. When I taste-tested it this afternoon it was so good that I changed my mind about freezing all of it and served it up for dinner tonight along with baked potatoes.

While I prepped the ingredients MB watched a National Geo show on Earthquakes. It seemed to really capture her attention and she asked to go to the library to find books on the 'inside' of the earth. Well, since I can't take EM to the library right now (is there such a thing as biblio-phobia?) we could not go today. But I did spend this evening prepping some on-line materials for us to use tomorrow. I am so pleased that our Earth study is taking off - even if she would rather do it out of order.

Unfortunately the day went downhill after lunch when I, gasp, brought out the lesson books. I don't know what I am going to do. After an hour of fussing and struggling I am exhausted. It isn't the work - when MB sits down to do it, she does it rather quickly. But, she must fight and argue and procrastinate before starting anything. She complains that K isn't doing the same work, K isn't working right that minute. And then when I go to work with K and get her started, MB complains that I am not right there with her. The girl has really become quite good at pushing my buttons.

We did manage to do the math lesson, do another page of spelling work and finish reading "What Makes Day and Night." The bare minimum.

Tomorrow is one of our 'relaxed' days. We have no planned lessons. We will work on our Earth project, there is an electrical project of re-making her hand-held fan that broke, and we still need to finish planning her "The Gingerbread Man" play that she has been working on since last week. We have most of the props ready, she & K just need to start actually practicing.



Time Sucker

One activity out of the day. One hour, where the girls participate in a group activity. Who knew that it could literally suck the entire day away.

Yesterday started off well enough. We have fallen into a routine of preschool activities/morning chores in the morning so that K and EM can be included. We danced, built with blocks and played outside in the wonderful cool weather.

At 11am we had a late morning, heavy snack (since breakfast had only been eaten at 9:30) to hold us over for the 12:00 choir group. By 11:30 we were in the car and headed over to the class.

I was golden - ingredients laid out to throw in the crockpot when we got home. MB's lesson books ready to be tackled while the little ones rested. Too good to be true.

The girls enjoyed the class. And, for me it helps that in this large, enormous mega church they have a full-size MC'D-type indoor play area complete with adult size tables that I can entertain the girls while the other is in her class. For an entire hour I sat, clipped coupons and talked shop with the other mom's. When class was over we let them play for another 30 minutes, because well - it is only 30 minutes out of the day and I was having fun too.

So, now it is 1:30, we are getting hungry. We are on the side of town with the warehouse store I have a membership to and I need/want to get a couple items (4 to be exact) while we are there. The girls are really good about it and we are able to run in and pick up exactly what we need and check out. It was only when we had gotten back out to the car and I had everybody strapped in that it registered to me that I had just paid $60 for 4 items (one at $25 and the other three below $3.00 each). Huh - give me the receipt I say to the child that had hijjacked it to get the stamps on the way out. Yep - the cashier had rung the $25 item up twice.

So, back inside to wait in line at customer service and to wait while the customer service person found the cashier to say - yes we only purchased one of the said items. Everyone was really nice about it and I got my money back - but it was just another hassle.

Stopped by the gas station for the warehouse store so I could fill up my gas tank at pre-Katrina prices. I had to get the slowest pump I have ever had. It took me nearly 15 minutes to get 16 gallons into my tank. My hand was in a permanent cramp from trying to hold the trigger, because of course the locking mechanism was gone.

It's after 2:00, we have had no lunch, there have been no naps and I still have to get dinner in the crockpot. So, it is time for a drive-thru lunch. We pick it up and while the girls eat I get dinner thrown together and heated up. The Brunswick stew stuff can wait until the next day to be made.

At 3:30 everyone is fed, EM is down for her nap and K has developed a glazed look which means that she might actually nap. I just want to lay down, in quiet. Hey- doctor's orders at this stage. MB sits with me for a few minutes while we look up some question she had about suspension bridges - then I admit that we are just not going to get to our lessons today. So, she had a free hour to find something quiet and constructive to do.

I know that there is education all buried in that day - but in some ways it is like a day lost. I am still on Tuesday in our admittedly skimpy lesson plan book. And, really who knew that a one-hour class was going to take 4 hours out of our day.



Monday, September 11, 2006


I live in a suburbia world. I have always lived in a suburbia world. A southern suburbia world at that. And, what do I mean by that? Well it is to live in individual neighborhoods that are built as islands upon themselves. Sidewalks are rare and there always seems to be a busy road just outside the immediate confines of the neighborhood. Grocery stores are generally just around the corner, but you can take your life in your own hands if you don't drive a car to get there.

I have been jealous of my sister who lives in the 'suburbs' of a large metropolitan area on the northwet (I noticed this typo, but figured that it also worked so I left it ;) ) coast. She lives in a neighborhood, with sidewalks, grocery stores, library and video stores all along sidewalks and within short walking distances.

We lucked out in our neighhborhood, finding out after we moved in that if we are willing to trek a short distance through some woods and walk along wooden boards put down each year to bridge the muddy area - then you can walk to the library. I love it and we enjoy doing just that - as long as it isn't boiling hot and I am not pregnant. It does limit us to some degree how many books we can check out - which probably isn't that bad of a thing.

Well this summer we watched as the town built a sidewalk along the main road outside our neighborhood. It's purpose is to connect our area with the old downtown. A neat idea, but I will have to build up my endurance to be able to walk the nearly three miles and then enjoy my visit downtown. But, what it does connect us to is a local grocery store (which I use a lot anyway) and the Dollar General, which I use even more. It has been to hot and I have been to wimpy to try it out, until today. I didn't have to have anything, but it was so beautiful that I decided that today was the day to take a little field trip.

We had a lot of fun. The girls rode their bikes and I pushed Em in the stroller. We discussed bike and road safety as we went. Passed several others using the same sidewalk and just enjoyed the hour trip. We did buy the light bulbs we needed for the lamps on each of the girls' beds and I picked up some more soft drinks while they were on sale.

So, now we can walk to the grocery store and the library. If they will just build a bridge over the 4-lane w/median highway then we could also walk to the local lake and park. And, that would be perfect.

So, lets see we covered Health & PE with the trip to the grocery store. We also covered math for both, spelling for MB and reading/science together for MB. K and EM worked with playdoh; K making her letters that we have covered so far and EM just exploring the world around her. School had the normal amount of wheedling and whining. Come on - can't you all just be excited and thrilled about spending your day doing what I want you to do.

We spent a lot of time outside and the girls worked together to build a castle in the sand, complete with a muddy moat to surround it. Then the play just disintegrated into muddy play. Lots of fun for everyone.

I managed to get caught up on all our laundry, and enjoyed watching the clothes dry in the cool breeze for the first time in a couple of wet, humid weeks. We cooked a pork roast in the crockpot until it just fell apart - so we ended up flavoring it with Eastern NC BBQ sauce and having BBQ sandwhiches - mmmm so good. The girls, not quite that adventerous yet (I have not even taking them to a real pig pickin' yet) had burgers on the grill.

I also bought this today:

A Karma Baby Pouch

I am so excited. It was pretty much the last must have on my list for this baby. This is a replacement for a bulky, padded sling that I hated, yet used for the prevoius three. This time I was determined to have a comfortable sling/pouch. I think I will be using it alot.

Now, I can concentrate on stockpiling diapers.


As busy as last week was, it turned out fairly well. We had really good events to attend and had lots of fun. But, I was wiped out by the end of the week.

Everyday, lately, it seems I am reminded of the fact that my girls are growing up. I know I keep writing about it, but everytime I turn around it is another thing that makes me stop and go hmmm. I constantly think of this house as a chaotic realm of the preschool set. Yet, MB is doing her level best to remind me that she is almost seven now, and "not a little girl." Yes! She is still my little girl, but I will let her believe she is growing up. One of the good things about this stage is the increasing ability to actually help around the house, while the desire is still there. We have reworked the chore chart for MB and K to recognize the fact that they have more capabilities this year than last and for the first time have enacted allowances.

And, since I want to make this whole chore thing as simple as possible so I can stop hearing "I can't do it" a few new products have made it into our cleaning closet. One product isn't so new. My mom remembers one of her chores, in the '50s, was to run the "Bissell" in the dining room after every meal. I used to love to use the 'Bissell" when we went to visit my grandmother. It was lightweight and didn't make the horrible noise that the vacuum did. So, now we will have one of these when my mom comes up this week:

MB and K really enjoy mopping the floor also. Much, much more than I do. But, I could never put thi on their chore list because I also had to go behind them mopping up the water puddles left by trying to finagle the squeeze mop and bucket. So, how can a 7-year-old and a 4-year-ol mop?

So, how does this all play out in my whole simple, frugal life plan I am working on. Well, the Bissell could be considered both simple and frugal. It will cut down on how many times I have to pull the heavy, electric vacuum out each week. It is also old-fashioned and as simple as they come.

The Swifter, I admit is not frugal and the amount of waste it can produce staggers me. I view this as primarily a "learning" tool for the girls. We will use it for awhile and then go back to the old-fashion mop. I tried it last night, and it left the floor clean enough, although I will still have to mop now and then to really get the shine I want.

So, why share this mundane thing about cleaning tools for my girls? Because it is all a part of the homeschooling experience for us. They could be gone to school all day and I would have 4-8 hours each day to clean in relative peace and quiet, with them getting very little exposure to how to maintain a house. But, I don't have those hours to clean during the day when things are not getting pulled out right behind me. Helping around the house is, right now, entertaining to the girls and an important skill I wish I had picked up.

What is in the average day of this homeschool family. The basics - a little school, playtime, cleaning and cooking. Life doesn't get a lot more basic than that. The important thing I am finding is that as the girls have gotten older, it is more and more important to include them in on the household chores as much as we incorporate more and more school into their days. It is a constant reminder that life, real life, cannot and shouldd not be broken down into school and home. As an adult, working outside the home and as a SAHM, I have spent more time engaged in practical life skills than debating any historical and scientific theory.

I love learning and what I have learned over the years. Learning is in fact, entertainment for me. But, what I do around the house is basic life. The psychologist Maslow presented the Hierarchy of Needs as a foundation for self-actualization, which is questioned by some, the logic of it cannot be dismissed. We cannot begin to learn and examine ourselves until our basic needs of life are meet.

Fortunately, we can have many of our 'basic' (organic life, food, housing) needs meet by society or technology. Maybe. Maybe in theory. But isn't it so much more gratifying to be able to meet those needs ourselves. And, that is where esteem needs become important. Self-esteem is related to how much we feel that we can do and contribute to our community and what we can do for ourselves. It is that child's I can do it !! excitement. My girls receive so much more(intrincially) from a chore well-done than from a school page well-done. Work around the house is seen as actually accomplishing something of value.

School work is of value, very high value to me in fact. But, the girls are still too young or not engaged enough to understand that value. A large tower built with blocks during free time is just as exciting to MB as a perfect page of math. The girls are "concrete thinkers" to borrow a term from Piaget. Basically, in our house this means that it is a whole lot easier to get them to do 'chores' than to sit down and want to study out of a book or on the computer. They will get there and we will not stop encouraging and exposing. In the meantime, I will buy tools that help them learn how to do the chores around here, just as I buy science books and math books, crayons and pencils.



Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Long-Weekend blahs

I have some quiet time this morning I feel like I need to post, although all I really have are a bunch of random thoughts floating around.

Today is the 10 yr anniversary of Hurricane Fran hitting this area. I wasn't living here at the time, having moved down for a year to live with my parents after college. This storm is still kind of the benchmark around here for severe weather, mainly because it was the first time that many realized how destructive a hurricane could be inland. It is a benchmark of sorts for me because it was shortly after the storm that DH, who was living here at the time, and I decided that we were going to get married and I made preparations to move back up here. It is amazing to believe that only 10 years have passed. We are married, have owned a home for 8 years and have three, almost four children. Some days it feels almost like a lifetime had passed.

I hope everyone else had a pleasant holiday. My nesting instinct kicked in and I was a grump until I could get everybody on the same page as I that this was the weekend we were going to clean some of the clutter up. I did manage to move around some toys and stuff that had stacked up around and in front of the fireplace, so know we can have someone come in and clean our chimney before this winter. I am trying to pull together a box of toys to take over to my in-laws house so the children have more toys over there to play with. Not to mention clearing out some of the things we have around here.

I don't feel ready for another week. Especially a week in which all the activities seem to get started at once. Today we have choir, tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment, science co-op and soccer, thursday we are going to a wildlife class on spiders. I am glad we did some hibernation last week, but am still looking forward to Friday. At least we have already started school and seem to have a somewhat stable routine.

Time to go psyche myself up from the post-holiday/long weekend blahs.



Friday, September 01, 2006

A Taste of Fall

Thanks to a cold front that moved through on Wednesday and the remaining cloud cover from Ernesto moving through last night we are left with a wonderful taste of fall weather. The highs today are only supposed to be 72, and even though it is damp it feels wonderful outside. The girls did such a great job this week completing their schoolwork that today is a no-school-day and they can do their own projects all day. Of course, the fact that my back is killing me and I want to work on some of my own projects doesn't have anything to do with it ;)

With how I have been physically feeling all week the house has seemed to fall into total disrepair and I would like to repair it in some form, as long as I can hold up. The weather really has me yearning to get in the kitchen and do some large cooking or baking. I can hear my shawl I have been trying to knit speak to me from the bag it has been relegated to for the month of August. So, I have no idea what I will choose to do with my time today.

On a good note, after two days with some really heavy rainfall I checked under the house and the crawl space is dry!! The pump system DH installed is really working - Yeah!!! This means that we might be able to work on some other projects shortly.

Taking hold of our financial situation and trying to employ more frugal/simple living strategies has been wonderful this summer. Although, we have not lowered our debt as quickly as I might have hoped for, we have managed to prepay the ob office and have put away quite a bit for the upcoming hospital bill and car insurance which will both probably some due at the same time. I feel comfortable that everything else will eventually fall into place.

I don't know why, but I am really looking forward to winter this year. I don't feel stressed out at all by all the upcoming events. I just sat last night in the family room and thought about how cozy our house is in the winter. How much time we just spend being in that room and enjoying our time together. I love our large family room - living space layout. One room, one living area. Cuddles in front of a fire, delicious smells from the kitchen wafting over and the fact that I can heat the area with one small space heater.

Probably enough rambling for the day. I am just feeling really positive for the moment and enjoying it.


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