Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Time Sucker

One activity out of the day. One hour, where the girls participate in a group activity. Who knew that it could literally suck the entire day away.

Yesterday started off well enough. We have fallen into a routine of preschool activities/morning chores in the morning so that K and EM can be included. We danced, built with blocks and played outside in the wonderful cool weather.

At 11am we had a late morning, heavy snack (since breakfast had only been eaten at 9:30) to hold us over for the 12:00 choir group. By 11:30 we were in the car and headed over to the class.

I was golden - ingredients laid out to throw in the crockpot when we got home. MB's lesson books ready to be tackled while the little ones rested. Too good to be true.

The girls enjoyed the class. And, for me it helps that in this large, enormous mega church they have a full-size MC'D-type indoor play area complete with adult size tables that I can entertain the girls while the other is in her class. For an entire hour I sat, clipped coupons and talked shop with the other mom's. When class was over we let them play for another 30 minutes, because well - it is only 30 minutes out of the day and I was having fun too.

So, now it is 1:30, we are getting hungry. We are on the side of town with the warehouse store I have a membership to and I need/want to get a couple items (4 to be exact) while we are there. The girls are really good about it and we are able to run in and pick up exactly what we need and check out. It was only when we had gotten back out to the car and I had everybody strapped in that it registered to me that I had just paid $60 for 4 items (one at $25 and the other three below $3.00 each). Huh - give me the receipt I say to the child that had hijjacked it to get the stamps on the way out. Yep - the cashier had rung the $25 item up twice.

So, back inside to wait in line at customer service and to wait while the customer service person found the cashier to say - yes we only purchased one of the said items. Everyone was really nice about it and I got my money back - but it was just another hassle.

Stopped by the gas station for the warehouse store so I could fill up my gas tank at pre-Katrina prices. I had to get the slowest pump I have ever had. It took me nearly 15 minutes to get 16 gallons into my tank. My hand was in a permanent cramp from trying to hold the trigger, because of course the locking mechanism was gone.

It's after 2:00, we have had no lunch, there have been no naps and I still have to get dinner in the crockpot. So, it is time for a drive-thru lunch. We pick it up and while the girls eat I get dinner thrown together and heated up. The Brunswick stew stuff can wait until the next day to be made.

At 3:30 everyone is fed, EM is down for her nap and K has developed a glazed look which means that she might actually nap. I just want to lay down, in quiet. Hey- doctor's orders at this stage. MB sits with me for a few minutes while we look up some question she had about suspension bridges - then I admit that we are just not going to get to our lessons today. So, she had a free hour to find something quiet and constructive to do.

I know that there is education all buried in that day - but in some ways it is like a day lost. I am still on Tuesday in our admittedly skimpy lesson plan book. And, really who knew that a one-hour class was going to take 4 hours out of our day.



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