Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Schedules, food and things about best laid plans

Fist an update. When I went back for my follow-up OB appointment Monday my results were back from the lab and I did not, after all have an UTI. The various symptoms are still about - all though not as bad as they were last week. It seems that I am just in another long/pro-longed prelabor period (I did this with MB also). The doctor has no idea - but since nothing seemed threatening to me or the baby, has just decided to wait and see what happens. Junior seems to be doing well, although he is ready and just waiting for the door to open, so to speak. The midwife seemed slightly putoff by how low I am carrying him now - especially for a fourth pregnancy and only 35 weeks. My mom did have to remind me that at the beginning of the pregnancy there is some doubt about my lmp, and the midwife I saw then suggested that I may be 1-2 weeks further along, which would put me at 36-37 already. Apparently this has been noted and the comment has been made that they would be comfortable at this point if something did happen, letting it happen. I am not on any sort of bedrest at this point, and have been allowed to resume normal activities - just try to get some rest and not overdo it - you know those commensense things that fall by the wayside when you are home with three young ones.

Still working on the diet thing for MB, for all of us really. It doesn't seem to be that far of a stretch for us when it comes to meals, we are already including many of the foods that are suggested and I am doing more scratch cooking just as part of our $$ saving. The hardest part has been getting her to eat, anything, recently. It is like the more I emphasize, the more she just rebels against eating. So, I am going to revert to underground tactics on this one and de-emphasize it with her for awhile. I thought maybe if she knew and had input she would take more ownership. Oh -well

MB did ask for a better daily schedule for us. She is totally obsessed with clocks and time and when certain things are done. Part of our school day on Monday was sitting down and organizing the schedule. I have done it in pencil at this time to allow for a period of time for us to adust it. She wanted to wake-up at 6:30 (like her friends do) - I nixxed that. I wake-up at 6:30 and want at least an hour of my time each morning. We compromised for 7:30 - then she asked me last night to reset her alarm clock for 8:00. Obviously, we are not morning people. The only other discussion and arbitrary decision I made was that school was going to last longer than 1:30-2:00pm. Her schedule was kind of like - free play, snack, recess, lunch, school (30 mins), quiet time, free play, dinner. She still thinks of 'school' in terms of the day care she went to until she was almost 4.

Our loose, loose schedule goes: wake-up, lounge time (the girls need this to fully wake-up), breakfast,dress, am chores, preschool activites - floor time/independent work for MB, snack, recess, group project (arts&crafts, errands, something), lunch, quiet reading - nap time, MB-mom school lessons (while the younger two are having down time), computer time, free play, pm chores, dinner, evening activities. We'll see how well we follow this schedule. It seems loose enough for me. And, MB can 'know' what she is supposed to be doing.

Anyway, my computer time is way past over so I need to go throw food at the masses.



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