Thursday, September 28, 2006

Yep - That was my day

MB did not wake-up this morning until after 9:30. Yes, the child that was insistent on having a 6:30am wake-up an her own alarm has already developed alarm deafness. She is her parents' child. Since she was so late waking up and I am running on limited energy resources right now - I gave her the option of whether or not she wanted to go on the field trip we had today. Honestly, I did not really want to trek around the other two to the field trip and then on to our errands. She decided that no, she wasn't very interested in going.

Our preschool 'fun' activity today was going to be drawing with chalk on dark construction paper - nothing but a different medium. But, it does include all of them at their own level - EM is into all sorts of coloring and scribbling, K is into writing all these three-letter words and rhyming families she is learning off of the Leapster games, and MB just loves to be involved in what the little ones are doing. I put in a tape of Tom Sawyer to get a little sneaky literature into our morning. The activity went well, for about 5 minutes. Then, MB is dragging the chalk board from the bedroom down the hall to the family room, K is fussing with EM because out of the 15 pieces of pink chalk that we have - only one will do, EM gets that gleam in her eyes because she can see that she is pushing K's buttons and so proceeds to push it even further. Of course, once MB gets the chalk board into the family room ALL of them want to use it.

I try to distract EM with the Aquadoodle - which ends up enticing all of them and EM ends up back at the chalkboard.

Before Chaos totally erupts around me, I get everyone into their shoes and we head out for our errands. A little change of scenery. My grocery run was highly succesful. The main thing we were needing to pick up was sugar cubes for MB's science co-op - But, I notice in the sales fliers a few other good deals. In total I spent about $40 today, but the store value was over $90 - so I was very psyched about that most of the afternoon. The best deals were the $.49/lb chickens, $.88 canteloupe, cans veggies for < $.30 after store discount & double coupons, and the 'free' oatmeal.

The errand run worked on the girls and we all came back to the house in a happier mood. I, because of the deals; the girls because they ran into an old gymnastics teacher who was working at the grocery store and got them each balloons (which I never do).

We had lunch, quiet time and then it was suddenly time to head over to MB's science club meeting. I visited for a little while before we had to leave MB there and come home to meet the babysitter for the other two.

Because of our time crunch (appointment, science club & soccer practice), dh volunteered to go pick MB up from her science club and take her to Soccer practice. Kudos to him for getting involved in MB's homeschooling. At least he got to experience the excitement she gets from being a part of the group and he got to be the first one she shared her project with, etc. He also got to meet some of the other mothers.

This evening it has been the girls and I, since it is daddy's night out. So, we have done very little. I have mainly been sighing over the amount of housework that needs to get done, vs. my total lack of energy level and imposed limitations. I could have probably 'cracked the whip' a little bit harder this evening and gotten more things done - but I just wanted to laze with the girls. We had been so busy all afternoon.

It is finally quiet around here. The kitchen, while not spotless in clean enough, laundry is ready to go tomorrow morning and the girls already know to expect a day of lessons tomorrow. We are not going anywhere (except to drop one bill in the towns bill drop).



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