Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Junior made his early appearance Monday evening after some continued problems. The birth went well. Junior is early and small, so he is being kept at the hospital for a little while longer. I came home today and will be going back and forth to the nursery for feedings for the next few days. The doctors are hopeful that he will be home sometime this weekend.

He looks a lot like EM, just a little smaller and thinner. He has a temper and is a 'little fighter' according to the nurses - which is a good thing. Once he is able to keep some food down and 'poop' all should be well.




Heather said...

Ohmygosh! I was wondering where you were!

Congrats!! How are you feeling?

Carrie K. said...

Congratulations on your new little blessing!

Christina in GA said...

Congratulations! I hope Junior can come home soon.

Dy said...

AMY!! Congratulations! I came, after finally cluing in that you're in that part of the country that's been having a little trouble lately, to see how you all are, and I find there are more of you!

I'm so thankful that you are all well, and that Junior is receiving wonderful care. Hug those sweet girls, and your precious little boy for me.


Kate said...

To us, this went by fast! CONGRATS Amy! What an adorable picture of Junior. I am glad to read he is home now and hope his sugar balances out and the bilirubin issues clear up soon. Looking forward to the updates.

You know, I thought of you last Friday when my sister in law called to tell me about the evacuations. They are 4 miles from the plant so they never had to leave. I can imagine the ups range of emotions you went through with that plus your 3 sweeties and a new baby! Phew! Glad it's over and done!

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