Thursday, October 19, 2006

Each day this week has gotten a little bit easier. I am still pretty sleep deprived and I really dislike the pumping to get milk to feed in a bottle. But, a routine is developing and that just seems to make things a little bit easier.

Junior is 'waking up' and is now able to demand his feedings. At the hospital, because babies are generally so sleepy, they feed on a schedule. For the first couple of days I had to walk around with my cell phone alarm to remind me to go wake him up, change him and feed him. Now, he has his own little schedule and when he is hungry or wet he lets us know. He also has two really awake periods for more than an hour each that he just likes to hang out with us (in other words be held by somebody in a room someone else is in).

The girls are learning to be much more patient and have realized that if I am feeding or pumping, then they either have to wait or make do themselves. MB has stepped up and is helping out alot with K and EM in this regard. I am so glad that MB can cook several lunches in the microwave by herself.

We have continued with school-lite. It is making it easier to stick to some sort of school routine for the girls. I don't have a lot of energy for any sort of creative learning at this point. But, at least we are hitting the highlights. Enchanted Learning has been my friend this last week. The girls have really enjoyed doing several Halloween worksheets off their site. I have also used it for some extra worksheets for Volcanoes for MB. I have finally gotten K to work on writing her name, as she normally just likes to write random letters. In the last couple of weeks we finished reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne and Vacation Under the Volcano by Mary Pope Osborne. Tonight we started reading Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. At least this is something we can do right now - it only takes a little bit of energy to read aloud to the girls. Of course the stopping and flipping through the dictionary on every page for MB, while very educational, really slows down the process.

Tomorrow morning I have to take Junior in for another blood draw and a weight check (a weeky thing for awhile). Unfortunately I found out tonight that I won't have anybody to watch the girls for me. A little worried about dragging everyone in to the doctor's office. How does a mom of several do this. I am not too concerned about the older two, it is the monkey child, 'I'm into everything' 22 month old. Reasoning, threats and bribery just doesn't cut it with her, yet. I have thought about calling some neighbors - but am not sure how any of them would respond to having three children dropped on them at the last minute. At some point, I realize, I am going to have to suck it up and learn how to get along with four children. I figured it out with three - it will just take some time. Dy or anyone else with this experience, if you want to chime in and give some suggestions for four children at the doctors I am all ears.

Well DH just came in and gave me orders to go to bed. Have a great night,




Melora said...

Glad Junior is doing well. I found pumping Such a pain in the neck.
I've found school lite to be a good solution when life makes the regular schedule impossible. We took a few months off this summer, for the move, and I had a terrible time getting T. back to doing school again. Just the routine of doing Some school is so helpful.

Your stew looks delicious!

Kate said...

Ha! 4 children at the doctors is always a challenge for me but somehow we make it out in one piece! If you have time or think about it, grab some paper and crayons, books or even a few snacks and throw 'em in the diaper bag. I found having a stash of new paper or coloring pages I printed out from web sites helped keep them distracted and the time go by faster (because I ALWAYS have to wait in the room for our dr. at least 15 min. GRRRR!).
The stew looks delic! I must try that one. Glad to hear how well things are. We will be in Apex for Thanksgiving... I forgot how close by you were - was it Cary?

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