Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday Morning

Well, when there is incentive the work will get done. This morning MB informed me that the public schools were having yet another teacher workday. This means that I almost always have a cooperative child on my hands for schooling until it is done. After our morning snuggle with hot chocolate for everyone (kind of dangerous when I think about it now), she dove right into her morning assignments. Two pages of cursive practice and two pages of math. I keep it simple in the morning because I am also working with K and EM at that time on preschool stuff. Of course the phone and doorbell began ringing at 9:30 - "Can MB come over and play?" But she stuck with it, without complaining and got her morning assignments done. I have let her go out and have an extended recess until lunch with her friends.

Our afternoon is a little light today because we are going to start a new 'project'. It kind of ties in with our yearlong earth science study and incorporates Geography, which I am concentrating on this year instead of history. MB enjoyed 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea so much that we are going to read Around The World in 80 Days. I have put our World Map back up and, MB and K decorated hot air balloons yesterday. So, for the six weeks or so, we are going to follow the book around the world and study the science of hot air balloons. This afternoon, MB and I are going to go through some of the information I have found on the computer and plan out the next couple of weeks.

In other news, my cluster headache attack has ended up being a severe sinus infection - without fever. Thankfully it is treatable - unlike the cluster headaches. So the past couple of days have been much easier to endure. Of course I have to up my fluid intake even more than normal for a nursing mom to counteract the medicine.

Junior's check-up on Friday went great. He jumped from 4lbs 13oz on Monday to 5lbs 5oz on Friday. Everything checked out so I do not have to go back until his standard 2 month check up - and I am weaning him from the fortified breast milk. Which means I get to add in more nursings every couple of days. It will take a few weeks to totally wean him off - as they don't want to shock his system.

Friday evening DH took MB to try out for an indoor soccer team - the next level up from rec league. We found out Saturday morning that she had made the team. We will now have 2 soccer team practices & games going on until the end of November. I am glad that we are taking a break from gymnastics right now. We will have to see if she goes back to it after the new year. This team she is on is a year- round team, playing all four seasons. I guess I am a soccer mom now.

I guess that is about it on the catch up. I have dishes that need to be washed while everyone else is entertaining themselves.


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