Monday, October 09, 2006

Two Ounces

We have had some good news over the last two evenings. Junior has gained back 2 oz, an is only 3 shy of his birthweight. He has perked up in the last couple of days and is really starting to eat well. I think he would take more - as he nurses well, from the bottle but they are slowly building him up due to the reflux issues he had early on.

Tomorrow he should be moved down to the lowest concentration of his IV solution and start the final weaning process there. He just needs to continue maintaining his blood sugar.

I am feeling so blessed by everyone - real life and internet-world. Thank you all for your well-wishes and prayers. If I haven't responded to you yet I will try to soon. I am not getting all that much time on the computer as you can understand.

We are trying to maintain some semblance of order around here. The girls are still doing some level of school work each day. Probably more now than what they might get for a few weeks after Junior comes home. My local homeschooling friends are being very supportive in providing rides and such. We also have some great neighbors who are opening their doors for the girls to come over and play and give us all a little break. DH will be home for one more day and then will go back to work on Wednesday. My mother will be up here to help me with the girls and trips to the hospital.

Gotta go pump and then off to sleep for a few hours.




Carrie K. said...

I will continue to pray that your son can be home with you soon.

Kate said...

Oh gosh, I know how hard this is - even more so now as my friend had to leave her baby at the hospital today too. Man, I'll be praying for you both. Glad to hear things are improving with Junior.

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