Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Tree

Last weekend, for Mary's birthday, we drove up to the mountains to visit with my BIL and SIL at their church camp/conference center. We had a wonderful time even though the temps were very arctic on Saturday (before warming to just above freezing and a cold rain overnight - just like home).

Saturday morning we drove down to the little village to find ourselves a Christmas tree. We've never had the chance to go to the mountains so close to Christmas and pick our own tree out.

What a great time playing hide and seek among the fields of trees.

Everyone found their own 'perfect' Christmas tree, but finally before our noses and toes froze, we found our tree.

That afternoon the girls had a blast at the yearly Christmas festival at the camp.

They decorated sugar cookies, made ornaments for our tree, listened to local folk music and ode on several (very cold) hay rides up the ridge and back, including one after dark.

The next day the skies began to clear and we had this beautiful view as we left the mountain.

Back home we gradually set up the tree, hunted the stores for more white lights...thankfully my mom came to the rescue as every store was already sold out of white Christmas tree lights.

Friday night we cranked on the Christmas music, popped some popcorn and decorated the tree.

The tree is in our front sitting room, and it takes up just about all of the space in there. Our eyes were obviously bigger than our space in the instance...but, it is a beautiful tree.



Friday, December 18, 2009

The difference a month makes

Let's revisit where we were a month ago...

This is what we were doing after lunch today...

It has turned back over to sleet now...we'll have to see if anymore white stuff will fall this weekend.



Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Tuesday Project

Our project for Tuesday was making popcorn balls. A fun little, traditional 'candy' I have never made. The girls had a blast making these treats, especially after they finally waited for the candy to cool. I don't dare try one for fear of pulling out another crown...but the kids seemed to enjoy snacking on them while we finally got around to watching "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince".



Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Getting Crafty

We are wrapping up this semesters work, so things are pretty much winding down in our 'school' for the next couple of weeks. The weather has turned cold, damp and generally wintery-feeling for mid-state NC. It is time to pull out the crafts I have been putting off.

This weekend I worked on my first quilt, ever. I received quilting supplies for my birthday in June, but have not had the time to do more than flip through books and get some ideas. Here is what I was able to accomplish with some devoted time this weekend.

I really like quilts that are not 'perfect'. I like the ones that do look like they are made from recycled materials. This one is being put together using scrap material my mother and I collected over the years.

Over the fall I knitted scarves for all three of the girls to match their new winter coats. I figured it was time to make something for myself.

This will be my winter shawl for this year. Very basic, and easy to make while I'm sitting with the kids or watching a movie.

Finally, I am committed to figuring out how to make socks. I will do it one of these days! Found a pattern to make tube socks (without having to make a heel) and thought I would give that a try. Mary has been the loudest begging for more fluffy socks to wear around the house, so she is my test model.

This is going pretty well, and doesn't look like it is made to fit a giant. But, it requires a bit more concentration and thought. How people just whip up a pair of socks in a day or two I would love to know.

I've got another week or so of "lite" school and relaxing before we have to kick all the birthday/Christmas festivities into full gear. Planning on taking advantage of it.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Ending the week with a bang

This week has been pretty much a nothing week. Well, nothing exciting anyway. School is moving along, although I'm thinking we are all just going through the motions until we break for Christmas. I've been in a cleaning, cooking, knitting mood - kids watch out. Of course, by the state of my house I was long overdue for a cleaning mood.

On Tuesday the gift I ordered for myself for Christmas came in...Seasons 1-7 of the Waltons a 1/3 the price. Cheaper even than the season box sets I was eying at the local used book store. Since I am such a kid at heart (a kid who is tired of PBS Kids in the afternoon), I allowed myself to break out the 1st season to watch between now and Christmas. The other 6 seasons will get wrapped up for Christmas morning. I'll be so surprised.

I can say that my increase in energy and contentment is probably related to watching The Waltons. For some reason, watching that show has always made me more grateful for what we have. The recession has been so depressing for me, especially this fall...It feels good to finally get off my butt (again) and just aim to doing the best I can.

I cooked up a pork roast in the crockpot for dinner on Wednesday. Mary made the sweet potato casserole to go with it while I put together my first loaves of fresh bread since last Spring. The leftover pork will go into a Brunswick Stew I am making tomorrow for our wintery weather (40 degrees and rain). Last night DH got creative with a packet of alfredo sauce, pre-cooked chicken I found in the freezer and pasta. That was really good. Too bad the family had eaten all the bread from the night before.

The high point for this week is apparently going to be the doctor's trip Katie and I have to make this morning. She came to me yesterday complaining that her earring was hurting her. So, I took a look and the back was missing and this crusty stuff was on the back of her ear. cleaning off the ear I realized the back of the earring had not fallen had cut inside her earlobe. The nurse at the pediatric office comforted me that they had seen it before and knew what to do.

Poor Katie, this has been her year for doctor visits.


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