Saturday, April 18, 2009

One big aching muscle!

I followed up the first bike ride of the season by playing soccer with Mary for at least 2 hours on Thursday. Then spent Friday afternoon re-turning the summer garden plot (by hand this time) and trying to break up the nasty clay soil we have. Today was several hours at the soccer fields and picking up the Angel Food boxes (which can be seemingly heavy), then back to the garden to plant it and break up more dirt clods. I am physically spent and don't think there is a muscle in my body that doesn't hurt.

I'm excited about getting the garden in, but have doubts about its success since the soil seems so, well, crappy. But, hey people have been farming around these parts for generations, it has to grow something, right.

As always the Angel Food boxes made me smile. Nothing like filling the freezer in one swoop. And, this month with a lot of chicken breasts and steaks. We will be eating well. Also, got a real-life pineapple and a cantaloupe in the veggie box. Tomorrow I have to go hit Aldis' to get the rest of our month supplies. And, hopefully will be done spending money for awhile.

I'm thinking an actual bath is in my near future while DH grills the salmon for dinner and watches the children playing "African Safari" in the backyard.



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Earth Day Activities

Next Monday is Earth Day, although my children will tell anyone and everyone that everyday is Earth Day. With that in mind we are spending time this week working on some Earth Day activities. Tuesday we spent part of the morning driving around getting all the supplies we needed for activities later this week, but at least I actually got it all done in one trip.

Our first activity was a craft. They are supposed to be sun catcher Earth's that will stick to the window. Made with glue & food coloring, I figured what could be easier. Except, I forgot that when dealing with my children, when you say make blue glue...they hear make as many different colors of glue as you can.

It really is a good thing I decided to pick up the HUGE container of white glue.

They had fun, and eventually got three molds of a blue Earth made, which dried overnight. Unfortunately, they don't stick to our windows. But, no one can say we didn't have fun making them.

Katie has become huge into calendars lately. She had me print off monthly pages from Outlook and has meticulous been copying the wall calendar and adding her own future plans.

Last night Mary and Katie both had Girl Scouts, which gave them another opportunity to do some recycling art. And, Mary was "taught" the basics of how to make a campfire. A high-point of the day I tell you for my budding pyromaniac. I ended up having a one-hour GS training meeting afterwards, but thankfully a friend brought the girls home for me so they did not have to hang out.

Today, we did some outside stuff while it wasn't raining. Emily was begging to go back to the library and Mary wanted a bike ride... so we combined the two. I dragged out my bike and trailer and dusted them off.
1. I am really out of shape after this winter.
2. I really need to stop feeding the two younger ones if I am going to keep towing them all summer.

But, we had a very nice ride over to the library and got there just as story time was starting. None of the children were keen to sit down and listen, but looked for books along the edge of the group so that they could listen along. Robbie enjoyed singing time the best, of course.

My heart almost sang aloud when Mary came back with her books, and after years of suggesting she gets a fiction book, a science topic and a history topic, I'll be daggoned if she didn't come back with a copy of The Incredible Journey, a book on crystals and a book on the Pueblos'.

On the way home we rode up the greenway and admired how high the water has risen. After nearly 3 years of low water levels, it was great to be able to enjoy the small waterfalls and float sticks, a la Pooh. But, I have to admit, my thighs were SCREAMING before we were even half-way home.

This afternoon we have chilled. Emily had her dance class, but I don't have to go anywhere for that. I've been working on laundry while the kids have been making recycling art. Mary has been trying to learn the Hoedown Throwdown dance from the Hannah Montana movie.

Tomorrow we might actually get back to learning something *wink*



Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter from the Family

Trying to take pictures of the kids after having sat through and hour-long church service and being told their chocolate bunnies were being held hostage until after picture taking, on can end of with pictures similar to this:

Thankfully, my FIL can take much better pictures.

Happy Easter everyone!



Monday, April 06, 2009

What a week!

Last week was really busy, but a good busy. The beginning part of the week was fairly normal...schoolwork and getting the house ready for my mom's visit on Thursday. My mom came up so that she could go with us to see "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" Musical put on by Broadway South. It was Mary's and Katie's first experience with musical theater. We all really, really enjoyed it. I thought that it was a wonderful presentation and a great first experience for all of us (for me taking my kids to the theater).

On Friday we got our two new babies. Baby kittens that is. We were only going to get one, but they were brothers an we thought ours would settle in better if we borrowed the brother for a couple of nights. Now we have fallen for both of them.

Oreo is the black & white tabby and Zeus looks black, but does have tabby stripes. They spend a lot of time curled up together when they are not being handled by the kiddos. DH, who wasn't sure about this whole "getting a cat thing" is very taken by them. Ginger, the 4 yr old golden retriever was very excited about them, but has calmed down each day that they are here. So, we now have 4 kids & 4 pets in a very busy household.

My mom left Saturday morning so she could be home for Palm Sunday. My SIL came by and picked up all 4 of the kids so she could take them to an Easter Egg hunt. DH went to draft his fantasy baseball team, and I got the very unusual experience of being totally alone in the house for 2 hours by myself!! It was bliss. I curled up on the sofa with the two kittens and read my book. I wasn't going to waste this opportunity with something as routine as cleaning.

Sunday we had Mary's soccer game in the afternoon. Finally a beautiful weekend to play soccer. We have already missed three games this season because of rain. Mary's team finally had a good day too. All season they have looked flat and unenergetic. Mary came out ready to play on Sunday. She scored 2 quick goals, and had a great day moving and passing the ball. Such improvement just since last fall. Their team ended up winning 6-0, scoring all the goals they have not so far this season.

This week has not started out so well. I woke this morning with a migraine. Thankfully the younger kids wanted to go to the Play Place for a couple of hours, so Mary and I did some shopping to try and find sweaters for next Sunday. We also browsed through homewares picking out rugs and curtains for Mary's future bedroom. Needless to say not much schoolwork got completed today. Mary did practice using sign language to spell some of her spelling words, Katie read to me and I read another chapter of Little House in the Big Woods to Katie, and whomever else wanted to listen.

Tomorrow the public school kids will begin their Spring Break. We'll focus on the basics this week, and let the kids burn off some energy with their friends. Maybe I can get a bit more planning done.


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