Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Earth Day Activities

Next Monday is Earth Day, although my children will tell anyone and everyone that everyday is Earth Day. With that in mind we are spending time this week working on some Earth Day activities. Tuesday we spent part of the morning driving around getting all the supplies we needed for activities later this week, but at least I actually got it all done in one trip.

Our first activity was a craft. They are supposed to be sun catcher Earth's that will stick to the window. Made with glue & food coloring, I figured what could be easier. Except, I forgot that when dealing with my children, when you say make blue glue...they hear make as many different colors of glue as you can.

It really is a good thing I decided to pick up the HUGE container of white glue.

They had fun, and eventually got three molds of a blue Earth made, which dried overnight. Unfortunately, they don't stick to our windows. But, no one can say we didn't have fun making them.

Katie has become huge into calendars lately. She had me print off monthly pages from Outlook and has meticulous been copying the wall calendar and adding her own future plans.

Last night Mary and Katie both had Girl Scouts, which gave them another opportunity to do some recycling art. And, Mary was "taught" the basics of how to make a campfire. A high-point of the day I tell you for my budding pyromaniac. I ended up having a one-hour GS training meeting afterwards, but thankfully a friend brought the girls home for me so they did not have to hang out.

Today, we did some outside stuff while it wasn't raining. Emily was begging to go back to the library and Mary wanted a bike ride... so we combined the two. I dragged out my bike and trailer and dusted them off.
1. I am really out of shape after this winter.
2. I really need to stop feeding the two younger ones if I am going to keep towing them all summer.

But, we had a very nice ride over to the library and got there just as story time was starting. None of the children were keen to sit down and listen, but looked for books along the edge of the group so that they could listen along. Robbie enjoyed singing time the best, of course.

My heart almost sang aloud when Mary came back with her books, and after years of suggesting she gets a fiction book, a science topic and a history topic, I'll be daggoned if she didn't come back with a copy of The Incredible Journey, a book on crystals and a book on the Pueblos'.

On the way home we rode up the greenway and admired how high the water has risen. After nearly 3 years of low water levels, it was great to be able to enjoy the small waterfalls and float sticks, a la Pooh. But, I have to admit, my thighs were SCREAMING before we were even half-way home.

This afternoon we have chilled. Emily had her dance class, but I don't have to go anywhere for that. I've been working on laundry while the kids have been making recycling art. Mary has been trying to learn the Hoedown Throwdown dance from the Hannah Montana movie.

Tomorrow we might actually get back to learning something *wink*



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