Saturday, April 18, 2009

One big aching muscle!

I followed up the first bike ride of the season by playing soccer with Mary for at least 2 hours on Thursday. Then spent Friday afternoon re-turning the summer garden plot (by hand this time) and trying to break up the nasty clay soil we have. Today was several hours at the soccer fields and picking up the Angel Food boxes (which can be seemingly heavy), then back to the garden to plant it and break up more dirt clods. I am physically spent and don't think there is a muscle in my body that doesn't hurt.

I'm excited about getting the garden in, but have doubts about its success since the soil seems so, well, crappy. But, hey people have been farming around these parts for generations, it has to grow something, right.

As always the Angel Food boxes made me smile. Nothing like filling the freezer in one swoop. And, this month with a lot of chicken breasts and steaks. We will be eating well. Also, got a real-life pineapple and a cantaloupe in the veggie box. Tomorrow I have to go hit Aldis' to get the rest of our month supplies. And, hopefully will be done spending money for awhile.

I'm thinking an actual bath is in my near future while DH grills the salmon for dinner and watches the children playing "African Safari" in the backyard.



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