Friday, October 14, 2011

Picture Post

I've been bad about posting pictures lately. Spending too much time working with my pictures and not enough time posting them.

Here is the Eastern Box Turtle we saved from the middle of the road this morning. We took him over to the in-laws where he should have plenty of space and no roads.

This is our baby black snake, named Snack. Also saved from the road. We kept it for about a week to observe.

Really awesome that it chose to shed just before we released him into the woods. Have never actually gotten to watch a snake shed before. We were glued to the terrarium.

Below are some of my pictures that I have been messing with lately. Mostly to add some meaningful artwork to our home. It has been fun and relaxing to me. Today I used some transfer paper and was able to have a custom-designed t-shirt and sweatshirt using my very own photos.


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