Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Getting Crafty

We are wrapping up this semesters work, so things are pretty much winding down in our 'school' for the next couple of weeks. The weather has turned cold, damp and generally wintery-feeling for mid-state NC. It is time to pull out the crafts I have been putting off.

This weekend I worked on my first quilt, ever. I received quilting supplies for my birthday in June, but have not had the time to do more than flip through books and get some ideas. Here is what I was able to accomplish with some devoted time this weekend.

I really like quilts that are not 'perfect'. I like the ones that do look like they are made from recycled materials. This one is being put together using scrap material my mother and I collected over the years.

Over the fall I knitted scarves for all three of the girls to match their new winter coats. I figured it was time to make something for myself.

This will be my winter shawl for this year. Very basic, and easy to make while I'm sitting with the kids or watching a movie.

Finally, I am committed to figuring out how to make socks. I will do it one of these days! Found a pattern to make tube socks (without having to make a heel) and thought I would give that a try. Mary has been the loudest begging for more fluffy socks to wear around the house, so she is my test model.

This is going pretty well, and doesn't look like it is made to fit a giant. But, it requires a bit more concentration and thought. How people just whip up a pair of socks in a day or two I would love to know.

I've got another week or so of "lite" school and relaxing before we have to kick all the birthday/Christmas festivities into full gear. Planning on taking advantage of it.

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