Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday morning

Junior is doing very well this morning. He has pooped and is cleaning out his system - that is the biggie for right now. He has also kept all his feedings down through the night and I get to nurse him today beginning at lunch. He is still under the bilie lights and will stay there today. We will meet with the pediatrician tonight and hope to have a better idea of when we will get him home.

I am doing okay. My physical recuperation from this delivery has been very fast. I am missing having all my family at home with me - but know that Robbie will be better off if he gets this care at the hospital for now. My day is revolving around pumping and being at the hospital at certain times for feedings and such - as these are the only times I can hold him. In between I am at home trying to spend some time with each of the girls. The blessing is that we live less than 5 miles from the hospital so this is possible to do.

The girls are reacting to this in each their own way. EM, being the littlest is clingy and whiney. She got up several times last night and just needed me to come in and give her pats and kisses. K is being the little mama to her dolls - feeding, changing and putting them down for naps - constantly. MB, basically wants life as usual right now. She is making it to most of her activities and this morning has been working through her school basics with me as I have pumped and taken care of some other things.

I'll try to give updates as I can.



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