Friday, October 27, 2006

Confession Time

Here is my confession for today - I really dislike most every 'holiday.' The stress of them all. The candy. The children's high expectations based on what someone else's mother does. I try to ignore them for as long as possible. I try to put on a happy smiley face for the kids - but generally fail. I just know that the children will be scarred for life because of my inability to become 'holiday mom.'

I am already stressing about Christmas - but first we must struggle mightily through the kids second favorite holiday - Halloween. I think MB first started talking about her costume this year in June. I first started thinking that I needed to do something for them on - say Wednesday. We have no costumes, we have no candy and we have no pumpkins (the biggest sin in the girls' eyes). And, to make matters worse I really have zero amount of energy to jump up to the plate at this late date.

K, at first, wanted to be a princess again this year. But, most of her princess costumes are ripped, stained, or just too small. She hasn't asked for a new dress this year (bless her heart). After some discussing I manage to convince her to be a cheerleader for our favorite college. Thanks to grandparents we have an unworn cheerleader outfit in the closet. Add in a couple of free pom-poms from recent football games and there you have it. Of course the song "Mickey you're so fine. You're so fine you blow my mind...." keeps running through my head.

Em ended up being very easy. In a box of boy clothes we received recently from one of DH's co-workers was a jack-o-lantern shirt - looking brand new. A pair of her black leggings and there you have it.

MB has probably changed her mind a dozen times. But has finally settled on being a vampire. Which means actually costume/make-up shopping. I did score fairly well yesterday when we went to run errands - found halloween make-up marked half off. So for a couple of dollars picked up some fangs, fake blood and make-up. Today we have to go to Wally World to pick up some items and MB said they have child-size capes there. I have my fingers crossed.

So, we are down to candy and pumpkins. Then I can get back to figuring out Christmas. And, on that note the one gift MB wants is an I-dog. I am okay with that - in fact my sister has an unused one that her daughter got and is willing to give it to us. The problem - one has to have an i-pod or MP3 player. I have to spend WHAT!!?! on those. I just don't like music that much. Of course I did notice that they have picture storage abilities - now I can get into having a portable digital photo album. We will have to see how that all falls out. I don't even know if we can hook up one more periphial to our computer without it upchucking the hard drive all over our office floor.

Junior goes in for another check today. And, of course he has managed to catch the cold that K & EM had earlier this week. I tried so hard to keep them away. I have never stressed over every little thing the way I do with him. Not even with MB, my first. Between two cluster headaches last night and laying awake listening for changes in Junior's breathing I got no sleep. The letters RSV....RSV keep floating through my mind. I wonder if this is going to be the case with him because he was born so little?



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