Tuesday, October 17, 2006

First Day Alone - First Day Out

Today is my first day entirely alone with four children. I am not as comfortable with it as I had planned on being months ago. Of course, then I was expecting a healthy term baby and I wouldn't be writing this entry for a couple more weeks.

DH went back to work yesterday and My mom left yesterday around lunch time, after my sister flew in, to get ready for the funeral. But, my MIL came over for a couple of hours in the afternoon so I could take junior to the doctor for his follow-up.

Junior is doing fine. He gained another 2 ounces in the one day he was home - putting him up to 4lbs 7oz. He is starting to regulate his own hunger, as opposed to the hospital schedule. He wants to eat about every 2 hours vs. 3 hours. Which is great, except for the fact that I am having a difficult time increasing my milk supply using a pump to meet his needs. He needs 2 1/2 oz of breast milk mixed with a fortifier for the majority of his meals. Feeding him is much more complex and time consuming than for any of my girls. I have to feed him (about 20 minutes) and then pump (another 20-30 minutes) plus the diaper and occassional outfit changes that go with each feeding. Night time I get to sleep in 1 1/2 hour spurts - fine if I could do it all day along with him - but difficult when I am taking care of the other three during the day.

The girls are really adjusting well. They are relieved that all the extra people are gone from the house during the day (except for their daddy - they would like him to be home all the time too). We have managed to maintain our work in math and spelling/grammar. Earth Science has been covered with recent events and general reading. MB has decided to make her own recent strides in reading - so I am leaving her alone for right now. The big hits have been computer time with their new Jumpstart programs.

Today, beyond the whole "I have to feed, dress, and keep four kids alive until 6pm by myself" we are also heading out to MB & K's choir classes - en mass. I have my sling pulled out and the diaper bag packed. They are just afew things that need to be picked up from the gorcery store - but I think DH can get them on his way home. I am not ready for that trip yet.

We are just so happy to have the family whole and at home.



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