Friday, September 01, 2006

A Taste of Fall

Thanks to a cold front that moved through on Wednesday and the remaining cloud cover from Ernesto moving through last night we are left with a wonderful taste of fall weather. The highs today are only supposed to be 72, and even though it is damp it feels wonderful outside. The girls did such a great job this week completing their schoolwork that today is a no-school-day and they can do their own projects all day. Of course, the fact that my back is killing me and I want to work on some of my own projects doesn't have anything to do with it ;)

With how I have been physically feeling all week the house has seemed to fall into total disrepair and I would like to repair it in some form, as long as I can hold up. The weather really has me yearning to get in the kitchen and do some large cooking or baking. I can hear my shawl I have been trying to knit speak to me from the bag it has been relegated to for the month of August. So, I have no idea what I will choose to do with my time today.

On a good note, after two days with some really heavy rainfall I checked under the house and the crawl space is dry!! The pump system DH installed is really working - Yeah!!! This means that we might be able to work on some other projects shortly.

Taking hold of our financial situation and trying to employ more frugal/simple living strategies has been wonderful this summer. Although, we have not lowered our debt as quickly as I might have hoped for, we have managed to prepay the ob office and have put away quite a bit for the upcoming hospital bill and car insurance which will both probably some due at the same time. I feel comfortable that everything else will eventually fall into place.

I don't know why, but I am really looking forward to winter this year. I don't feel stressed out at all by all the upcoming events. I just sat last night in the family room and thought about how cozy our house is in the winter. How much time we just spend being in that room and enjoying our time together. I love our large family room - living space layout. One room, one living area. Cuddles in front of a fire, delicious smells from the kitchen wafting over and the fact that I can heat the area with one small space heater.

Probably enough rambling for the day. I am just feeling really positive for the moment and enjoying it.



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