Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Long-Weekend blahs

I have some quiet time this morning I feel like I need to post, although all I really have are a bunch of random thoughts floating around.

Today is the 10 yr anniversary of Hurricane Fran hitting this area. I wasn't living here at the time, having moved down for a year to live with my parents after college. This storm is still kind of the benchmark around here for severe weather, mainly because it was the first time that many realized how destructive a hurricane could be inland. It is a benchmark of sorts for me because it was shortly after the storm that DH, who was living here at the time, and I decided that we were going to get married and I made preparations to move back up here. It is amazing to believe that only 10 years have passed. We are married, have owned a home for 8 years and have three, almost four children. Some days it feels almost like a lifetime had passed.

I hope everyone else had a pleasant holiday. My nesting instinct kicked in and I was a grump until I could get everybody on the same page as I that this was the weekend we were going to clean some of the clutter up. I did manage to move around some toys and stuff that had stacked up around and in front of the fireplace, so know we can have someone come in and clean our chimney before this winter. I am trying to pull together a box of toys to take over to my in-laws house so the children have more toys over there to play with. Not to mention clearing out some of the things we have around here.

I don't feel ready for another week. Especially a week in which all the activities seem to get started at once. Today we have choir, tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment, science co-op and soccer, thursday we are going to a wildlife class on spiders. I am glad we did some hibernation last week, but am still looking forward to Friday. At least we have already started school and seem to have a somewhat stable routine.

Time to go psyche myself up from the post-holiday/long weekend blahs.



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Dy said...

I hope you're having a fantastic, clutter-free, hug-filled week!


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