Friday, September 15, 2006

Relaxed Thursday

In my frustration over how structured lessons went on Wednesday I decided to chuck to books into the middle of the table for Thursday and just have a relaxed day. These days always seem too be so successful for the way the girls learn that I wish we could go this direction all the time. But I am so worried about maintaining 'grade-level' (DH will not commit to hs more than one year at a time) especially with MBs reading that I feel like we have to push on those 'basic' areas in case she does go into school.

We got much more done yesterday than we have in a few weeks. The day was spent doing and reading what the girls wanted to - within reason.

Earth Science - read about the layers of the Earth and colored a diagram of the layers
Boiled eggs and used them to explain "crust, mantle & core" of the earth
Electricity - Impromptu discussion on electrical shorts after I noticed that one of our outlets in the kitchen was shorting (darn alum wiring) showed it to MB and explained how we have to make sure electrical connections are always tight
MB worked independently with her electricity science kit and an old broken hand-held fan to make it work again.
Biology - Both MB and K did their daily insect hunt around our yard - finding two more writing spiders.

~ Read a book on shapes to K. She practiced drawing circles and triangles on the white board. This turned into an elaborate picture story of all of us going on a treasure hunt.
~ Introduced solid shapes to MB. We made various sized cones from construction paper and then wore them as hats or noses. We also played ball while we talked about the sphere shape.
~ MB played with her geo-board, which led to a discussion on diameter and radius and how circles are measured.
~ K and I played pick up sticks (picking up amounts from one-to-five) with popsicle sticks.

~ "The Gingerbread Man" - MB and K chose this story to make-up a play for it. So today I read it aloud several times while they practiced acting it out with their props and saying their lines. We also read another version of the story just to compare.

~ MB read aloud the entire early reader: "Bugs, Beetles and Butterflies"

~ We read aloud four chapters in Aztec Warriors: How They Lived

~ Outside play after it stopped raining
~ MB rode her bike with a friend (and her mother) over to the library and back

So, we had what can amount to a full-day of school. Limited stress and everyone had fun. I am not running back to the books anytime soon. We have a spelling test today and that is the only mom-imposed, we have to do it, thing we are doing. Otherwise I am going to see what they ask for today.



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