Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Jean Skirt

Woo Hoo!! I finished something! This skirt was so easy to make. The little girl is so happy, as she helped with the design process.

The original directions called for cutting the legs off to make it a short skirt, and then using the legs to fill in the skirt. MB wanted it longer and helpe me locate another hand-me-down pair of jeans that she was never going to wear - I agreed, the waistband was kind of ugly. Anyway, the contrast looks really cool. This look is totally MB.


Gem said...

That is so cute! I have a non-jean-wearing 6yo, who has probably 7 pairs of hand-me-down jeans. Time for a sewing lesson!

Jess said...

Oh this is SO cute and so unique! I'll have to show my 7yo, she'll love it! She only wears pigtails in 3's or 4's btw, never just 2. ;-)

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