Friday, September 05, 2008

The Coolest Play Museum

Today was our promised field trip for completing testing week. Some museums focus on science, some on history and some on art. Today for our field trip we went to a museum that focuses on play. Marbles Kids Museum. It was so much fun!!! We are going to be gifted with a membership to the museum, so we will be going a lot more this year. I took nearly 100 pictures today. I won't share all. Maybe.

Katie started off with the ambulance. She loves to play doctor.
I'd be scared if he was my driver.
Mary the post-woman.
Katie makes a great checker.
She is helping Mary, the Chef!
Mary heads over to cook.
Bread looks good!
I think Robbie wants to mail himself.

The Pirate Ship
Mary Reed, the female pirate of the Carolinas

Dress up around the world.
Emily isn't shy at all.

Mary, Queen of Scots
Sock Hockey

It has wheels!!!! I couldn't keep him off these.

Making Flags...Mary made Scotland's

Everyone napped when we got home. And, I finally got some uninterrupted work done on the computer.



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