Saturday, November 29, 2008

I miss my camera

I never thought that I would miss my camera so much. It isn't like I need the thing to survive or anything, but I find myself constantly reaching for the camera to record whatever the most recent nutty thing my children have done. Never more do I miss it than on family holidays when the kids pull out all the stops to serve as entertainment for the rest of us.

I do believe that we are creating a monster with Robbie. He has to be one of the most purposefully, funny toddlers I have ever been around. He has had the rest of the family in stitches for the last two days and I have yet to get one picture of it. His latest is his harmonica act; he plays a bit on his harmonica, "sings" a measure or two, back to the harmonica. When he is done and everyone claps...he bows. No one will admit to teaching him this either. Class Clown is too tame a word for this kid.

We have had a wonderful holiday. Being so close to the in-laws means we can come and go as we feel like it, and as the children need a break. Dinner on Thursday was great as always, even though I am never allowed to actually help. On Friday the aunts took the girls to the movies and Randy went over to his parents to clear out some of the fallen & leaning trees in the woods. While also getting us some much needed firewood. I stayed home with Robbie while he napped and tried to do some work. We went back over for dinner-part 2.

Today, Randy was able to get three tickets to the State football game this afternoon and is planning to take Mary and Katie with him. I'll stay home with Emily and Robbie, and again try to get some work done. Tonight the kids will stay with the in-laws (beauty night for the girls) while Randy and I attend the Christmas party for his job. After their mini-party they will bring them back home and put them to bed for us.

I hope everyone else has been able to spend some precious time with loved ones this weekend.



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