Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer is coming fast!

It is that time of year that everything begins to finish up. Slowly activities are falling off our calendar and I don't have quite as many days figuring out how to be in two places at once. It is bittersweet. The girls have had such a great time being involved in their activities this Spring I know that they will be missed, but it sure is nice not to have to rush around so many afternoons.

Of course, the break will not be very long as we have summer camps and trips already filling up the calendar and several 'unknowns' still floating around out there to add. My problems become less how to get to two activities across town on the same afternoon, to how to be at two camps across the state on the same day ;). Thankfully I have very helpful family members.

The girls are still doing well using computer-based lessons and spending the afternoons working on unit studies. Yep, totally the reverse of the whole Classical/Charlotte Mason method I tried to force on them. For whatever reason this just seems to make more sense to them. They are actually getting it for a change and not so frustrated. They are actually okay with continuing through the summer with schooling (when not out of town).

Personally, I'm finding so much more time in my day. Time that we can use for all those interesting studies we never got around to finishing, time to sit and relax, time to do chores.

Last week we did our required standardized testing. Mary has such severe testing anxiety that this has always been one of the worst weeks of our year. But, this year, she was much better. She understood our beliefs about the tests and hopefully finally realized that the world wouldn't end if she didn't do perfectly on the test. This was Katie's first year sitting for the test and she also did fine, although the whole testing language and having to fill in those tiny circles threw her for a loop at first. Thankfully, it is over and done for the year and we can move on with our regular lives until next year.

On Thursday, we took the day off from testing and visited the newly, re-opened NC Art Museum. The new space is wonderful. It is bright and lots of space to sit back and enjoy the art. Lots of new pieces are out that had been in storage because of lack of space in the old space. The architects tried to blend inside and outside with little garden areas outside. Looking forward to many more visits in the near future. Already planning to go to the Norman Rockwell and Eric Carle exhibitions when they open in November.

In our extracurricular world Mary finished her soccer season this past weekend. Next week they have tryouts/team placement for Classic level. And, then there will me mini-camps over the summer to prepare them for Classic play.

Katie has her last Brownie meeting for the year tonight. Last week her troop went to Build-A-Bear with their troop money from the cookie sales. She made a really cute owl instead of a bear after falling in love with Molly and the owlets.

Recreation soccer and softball will continue into June, but with nothing else going on that almost seems too easy.



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