Sunday, June 07, 2009

Time flies when you are having fun

We've spent the last month enjoying our break before the summer craziness kicks in. I have had to endure several dental appointments over the last month, but they are winding down. That will be alot of relief on me and the pocketbook. Other than trips to the dentist we have really tried to get out and enjoy some local inexpensive activities. I've been so focused on just going that I have been bad about forgetting the camera.

Some fun places we have been to recently include Pullen Park for a picnic and to ride the carousel and the train. We also drove to the Museum of Life and Science to visit the Butterfly House and then another picnic and hike along the Eno River.

Soccer and girl scouts wrapped up during May, but all the finishing took a lot of energy.

We've also enjoyed working in the garden, which is the best one we have ever had.

We are looking forward to the fresh veggies in the coming weeks.

Now, I'm looking forward to the summer. Which looks crazier every day. I don't know how much blogging I'll manage to fit in, but I'll do my best to keep some sort of updated journal about how we are doing.

It all starts at the end of this week when I take Mary to her first camp, an Eco-Church Camp in the mountains. She'll spend a week there, then I pick her up and take a day or two to wash clothes and we go to the Beach for two weeks to visit with family. We'll leave Katie there for a week of camp and come home to get Mary ready for her next camp the following week. Katie comes home and Mary goes to camp. The next week we have soccer day camp locally and the next week Mary goes away for another week of camp. When we pick Mary up from that camp we head to the mountains for a week, where Katie will attend her first sleep-over camp for a weekend. And, then finally home and it will be the second week of August and time to start school. Have mercy on me.



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