Monday, July 06, 2009

Back from vacation

Returning from spending almost the last two weeks at the coast visiting my family. It didn't find take the girls too long to find their favorite place to be...

But, we didn't spend every day at the beach. We visited the Hammocks Beach State Park Learning Center where we learned about sea turtles. We did not take the ferry out to the island as it was one of our 100 degree days and did not feel up to the boat ride.

The next day we drove to the tiny town of Aurora where there is a fossil museum sponsored by a local phosphate mining company. The fun of this visit is digging in the pit for fossils...

In less than an hour of digging we found more than 100 sharks teeth and various other fossils of ancient sea life. I also learned that fossils of walruses have been found in Eastern NC, dating back to the last ice age.

After two hot days out and about, we spent the next couple of days close to the shore and visiting the aquarium. At the aquarium we saw an awesome presentation by the Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter, including a Peregrine Falcon and a Barred Owl. The presentation was so good that we decided to go take a tour of the facility when DH came down over the weekend.

DH was able to join us Friday evening and stayed through today, returning with the rest of us. The kids had a lot of fun once Daddy got there.

Drowning Daddy seemed to be the hit game. Along with floating along doing nothing.

For the Fourth of July, Mary and Katie went with my Dad and Step-Mother to Swansboro to hear the Beach Music band and watch fireworks. DH and I took Emily and Robbie down to Sound where we got two firework shows for the price of one...without all the noise. I also found out just how awesome my camera is.

We left Katie behind to attend her day camp and spend the week with my Mom. I'll be spending the week trying to help DH finish Mary's new bedroom he built while we were gone and packing Mary for Girl Scout camp next week. It just keeps going!!



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Anonymous said...

Amy... it's Jessica of "Captured Thoughts". I was just going through my e-mails to get rid of some and saw an email for you and searched to see if you're still blogging. Great to see you here, I can't believe how BIG everyone is!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are beautiful and glad to see you guys look very happy! ({({({hugs)}{)})})


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