Saturday, August 29, 2009

First soccer tournament of the season

Today was the first day of the first soccer tournament of the year. It was sooo hot and of course our age group was lucky enough to play the fields that were a hike from the parking lot and port-a-potties. But, the grass was really nice!!!

The girls played well. They tied the first game against a team that really punished them last year...which was nice. The second game was a 6-4 loss against against a really tough team we had never played before. Mary scored twice in the second game, came close a couple of other times and had numerous assists.

The team is half made up with the girls from last year and half new recruits. I'm hoping that the new coach is just seeing how the girls really play and best positions going forward for the season. Because I don't know how many games I am going to be able to stand if he keeps playing so many girls out of position. And, as un-PC as it this level of play every girl does not need or deserve the same amount of playing time. I really like the coach, and I am just hoping that he is just seeing how the girls mesh for later on down the road and will play the girls to the best advantage during the season.

We'll back back out there tomorrow morning for the last game...although there is an outside chance the girls could make it into the finals Sunday afternoon.



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