Thursday, September 03, 2009

Glad it is the end of the week

It has been a good week, just really busy...and it is just getting started. We've been doing our lessons with a good amount of calmness. I added Latin back into our day and both Mary & Katie are getting a kick out of doing Latin. I think it is mainly because we have been doing it in the car while running around. They don't have to do anything but listen and recite back...and it entertains them while being held hostage.

I think the whining is going to kick my butt sooner or later. I've put my foot down about it and Emily & Katie are getting whiplash from going back and forth to their bedroom so often. I am just not going to deal with it this year. Nip this attitude in the bud.

Mainly, this week it has been organizing activities that has gotten to me. Still trying to get the Girl Scout troop up and running. My co-leader moved away in the middle of the summer so I have been waiting for a new one. Got an email at the beginning of the week that they found a co-leader. Then trying to find a day other than Tuesday or Thursday to hold the meeting...which didn't work. So, then in contact with Mary's soccer coach to find a way for her to make-up the 2 practices a month she will be missing to attend scouts.

Then find out that Katie has been assigned to a Brownie troop that will be meeting on the same Tuesdays at a different church...across the same exact time. Which meant more emails to move her to the Brownie meeting at the same church Mary's is, just on the different weeks from Mary's.

Now, I've actually got to meet with the co-leader and plan our troop and get it going. And, I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

Katie had a Daisy scout meeting to finish up a project from last year this week and Emily started her Kindergym class today. Mary has a birthday party to go to this weekend and we also have to plan and shop for DH's birthday on Monday. At least he gets the day off for his birthday.

I have to say our diet has been horrendous this week and I am paying for it. I'm not sleeping and my stomach is all upset. I have to do some planning and figure out how we will eat healthily for the next 7 months.

So, that is my wrap-up. Life is crazier and going to get crazier. Eventually I will get used to it...I hope.



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