Friday, September 04, 2009

"B" Week

Emily is doing a Letter of the Week curriculum this year as part of her K4 year. So isn't it just dandy that she decided to give riding a two-wheel bike a go this week. Emily is my "I do it myself" child to the extreme...which means the standard way of teaching how to ride a bike (hold onto the back until they build up speed and let go) was meet with glares and a loud no. Probably a bunch of stomping and screams too, but I am slowly learning to tune those out and only remember the good things. Anyway, I remember reading somewhere that someone's child learned to ride by using a too small bike that the child could firmly touch the ground with their feet. By learning to push with their feet and glide they quickly moved to peddling, all without someone else having to help.


She is slowly getting it...on her own. Although there have been a few meltdowns. The best was when the postwoman stopped and told Emily to never give up and that she was doing a good job. It gave Emily the biggest smile to hear that from someone other than me.

Now to just find a self-teaching curriculum for Emily to use for the next 13 years.



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