Monday, September 14, 2009

Week 4 begins

We had another busy weekend around here. Saturday I went shopping with Mary for Katie's birthday presents. She doesn't have much on her list, which has made it a bit difficult. Katie wants her ears pierced. Mary had hers done on her 7th birthday, so that is Katie's big gift from us. But, I needed to find something for her sisters and brother to give her also. And, to have something to actually open with her cake on Wednesday. In the end Mary decided to give her some earrings for when she can change her earrings, and some pretty headbands. I found some more "Fancy Nancy" books for the little ones to give her.

Saturday night DH was given free tickets to the State football game and took Mary with him. I stayed home with the others and let them have friends hang out at the house and eat dinner with us.

Sunday morning we actually went to church. I *knew* it was Education Sunday, and that the 2nd graders were receiving their Bibles...but I totally flaked on it being the first day of Sunday School. But, we made it too church. For the rest of the fall we will probably only make it to Children's choir and Sunday School since Mary's soccer games are so early Sunday afternoon and we will have to travel 30+ minutes for most of them.

Katie received her Bible and with it the "privilege" of sitting through an entire service. Let's just say that Katie really didn't perceive it as much of a privilege. She really enjoyed Children's Church. Emily also officially moved from the rolls of church nursery to Children's Church. As Emily normally is, she wasn't very sure of this new change in her life. But, when we picked her up afterwards, she loved it.

The soccer game this week was a late one, 4:00pm. Which gave us time to come home, have some lunch and relax for an hour before packing the cooler, rounding up the children and driving out to the fields so Mary could be there by 3:15 for warm-ups.

The game went really well. The girls looked so much more together and team-like than even two weeks ago at the tournament. They moved the ball well and backed each other up. Their goalie was out-of-town visiting family, so Mary played the first half in the goal. She only let one really hard shot past her...not many goalies in her age group would have been able to do much more with that shot. In the second half Mary played front wing and took all that energy she had been saving up in the first half out on the field. They pressured all of the second half and took a 1-1 tie at half time to a 5-3 win. Mary did score once, although most of her job is to get the ball into the attack and pass.

Sunday night I realized I had printed off materials for school this week, but never gotten around to doing the weekly plan for Mary & Katie. I got it done, but I still do not feel ready for today. I need another weekend day. On top of that Robbie woke up with a runny nose and fever this morning, so I am on febrile seizure watch.

Off to finish organizing...



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