Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Pictures

Katie had her "kid" birthday party on Saturday. Complete with the pinata (a shark) that she "had to have". She did not need a party, just a pinata. She and Mary worked together and made the invites on the computer. We bought cupcakes and pre-made 'kool-aid' because I was feeling lazy that way. I set the kids up outside on a sheet in the front yard and they had a blast.

Sunday was a long day. We had children's choir followed by Sunday School at church. I had to wake the girls and get them moving a bit earlier than normal and post-sugar rush. It worked out, but later in the day at Mary's soccer game all of us were dragging.

The game was a tough one. All the girls on the other team were large - tall and broad. It was physical on both sides, but our girls are looked half asleep and unsure of themselves. A complete 180 from last Sunday's game. I hope they wake up before this coming weekend as we have an all-day tournament.

Outside of all that...DH took Mary and a friend to a semi-pro soccer game Friday night, My SIL took Katie & Emily to the State football game on Saturday after her birthday party, DH then took Mary & Robbie to the Legion baseball tournament our nephew was playing in Sat. night while I stayed home and worked on Girl Scout stuff. After church my other SIL came by and picked up Katie for her birthday "afternoon out" while the rest of us went to the soccer game. I have to say both DH and I are thrilled there is nothing on the calendar for tonight.



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Melora said...

Wow! Now That was a busy weekend. The party looked like fun, though. Happy Birthday, Katie!

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