Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wobbly Wednesday

We all woke up this morning feeling a little shell-shocked from our first chaotic Tuesday evening. We survived it with me only forgetting one thing, Katie's t-shirt to paint at Brownies. Thankfully, the meeting place was only a couple of miles from the house so I could run back and get it before they started the project. I did manage to remember to bring something for Katie to eat in the car between Theater class and Brownies - so some mommy points for that.

Being a little draggy today, I decided some morning exercise was called for and we took a bike ride. Can you tell I am still excited about Emily being able to ride her bike. It is up there with only having one in diapers still, and only one I have to buckle in the car seat. We took the greenway to the little neighborhood park to play for a little while. On the way home we stopped by the library and dropped of some books I forgot to take on Saturday.

It was lunch time when we finally rolled back into the driveway and everybody was feeling a bit more refreshed. I set Mary and Katie up at the computer to watch President Obama's indoctrination speech school speech. They weren't real excited about it, but after reading the text, I really thought Mary would benefit from hearing it and it gave us something to talk about over lunch.

Then Mary watched a video on Jamestown on the computer while I worked with Katie on Math. And after that it was the normal shuffle back and forth between the two, while they reminded me numerous times that today was early release for their friends and I reminded them that I could give a flip about when the public schools let out. Our day wasn't helped by some sort of competition between those two over who could drop their pencil most often or lose their book (which was sitting right in front of them 2 seconds ago) most often.

Sometime in the afternoon we finally finished. I was dragging and a little blurry-minded by this time, so I'm not sure when we actually closed the books and called it a day. Mary quickly hurried out with a pile of books to show her friends a new game she had created last night. You know, when she was studying her spelling and science for tests on Friday.

I promised her that I would download "The Marvelous Land of Oz" to her mp3 player, and while messing around on the computer found the Adobe Book Reader and then spent a long while perusing free books from Project Gutenberg now that there is a decent way to read them. What a way to blow an entire afternoon.

Speaking of books, I think our evening read-alouds have gotten a little crazy. We currently have three read-alouds going...and I find myself reading from all three each night. The first is "Homer Price" by Robert McCloskey. It was to be our lunch time reading, but that never seemed to work out and the kids really like it. Of course they like everything we have ever read by McCloskey. The second one is Thornton Burgess' "Whitefoot the Wood Mouse". This is a Katie choice. Mary never got into the Burgess animal books as part of our curriculum, but Katie loves them. Thankfully the chapters are super short and easy to read. Finally, we are finishing up the Little House on the Prarie series. I was going to skip "The First Four Years" since the writing is a little different - more raw and un-prettied since Laura never actually edited the story. But, once Mary heard there was a last book she insisted we read that. We are almost done with Homer Price, but it makes me want to pull back out our McCloskey collection and introduce Emily and Robbie to all those wonderful stories.

Our evening read-alouds are on-top of the school day reading which includes picture books for Emily & Robbie, Katie's science and Mary's history. Is it any wonder that by evening my throat is so sore.

The noise level is telling me that it is time to settle everyone down and start reading...I'll be done about midnight.



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