Sunday, September 06, 2009

Family Bike Ride

This afternoon while I was working on the computer trying to print off all the various worksheets for next week, Katie came running inside telling me that I needed to come out and see something. That something being Emily riding her bike...really riding her bike. No more push and glide, but pedaling and braking.

I hugged her and congratulated her for sticking with it and learning all by herself. And, in Emily's own way, she told me that she was proud of herself too. Then she asked me to go on a bike ride with her. The weather was great, the computer could why not. I pulled out my bike and found helmets for Robbie and I. Then Emily, Katie, Robbie and I headed off for what I thought would be a quick spin around the block.

As we headed back home we saw that DH had unburied his bike and pumped up the tires. He and Mary were riding out to meet us for a family bike ride. Off through the neighborhood, to the greenway and all the way up to the library and back home. Well over a mile. Emily was awesome!!! None of the other girls have done so well on their first rides. She rode the whole way except for the really big hill that I got off and pushed my bike up also. And, she did all this on the tiny 12-inch bike. Tomorrow I am going to encourage her to give her 16-inch bike a try...

We have been so busy for so long, that when we have down time...we have down time. No energy normally to hop on a bike or drive somewhere for a hike. We've missed these fun, family times. Somehow we have to recapture these times, especially as the kids keep getting older.

When we got home DH grilled the steaks for his birthday dinner and we had a wonderful dinner, followed by very chocolaty brownies. He loved the Orioles baseball cap the children picked out for him.

Tomorrow is his actual birthday and I don't know what his plans are yet. If the weather isn't too bad maybe we will take the bikes down to one of the paved trails to ride. One way or another I am going to take advantage of one last family day before all the kids activities begin and we start going in four different directions.



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