Monday, June 21, 2010

At Home with Preschoolers

This week I am at home with just the two little ones. The two big girls are at either end of the state attending camps.

Mary has been in the mountains since last Thursday. Exploring the mountains and getting to do things I can't, like crossing the swinging bridge at Grandfather Mountain. Yesterday, my in-laws took Mary to her EcoCamp at Laurel Ridge where she will be spending this week stargazing on top of the mountain, sleeping in a tee-pee and hiking everyday.

Katie went to the beach on Friday with my mother. She and my step-father have found a common enjoyment of flying kites on the beach. This morning my mom dropped her off for her first day of day camp. She'll be exploring the coastal, beach environment and doing environmental projects. This is her third year at the day camp and loves going.

At home we have just been playing. I think the little kids are enjoying the focus being on them for a change.

We rolled the rug up in the family room to give them plenty of room for building with blocks and train tracks.

My mom gave them some stamping supplies to enjoy during the summer. Lots of colorful artwork!

Emily has been designing roller coasters using the train tracks and blocks. I've been available to offer some engineering suggestions, but she really does have the idea about how build them. For her own frustration, I do wish I could make it a little more stable.
Robbie loves having someone available to build tracks for him.

I'm trying to think up some fun trips for us to take this week, but the heat is killing any desire I have to spend time outside.

Emily and I have also been doing a little 'schoolwork' here and there. She found H.A. Rey's "Find the Constellations" book and we have been reading that every evening and doing a little star gazing when it isn't too cloudy or hazy. We've also been talking about angles and measuring them after reading the library book "Hamster Champs". This has come in very handy with her interest in building roller coasters this week. And, finally, we have played a few games of 'sight word memory'. Since the older girls got notebooks to use as summer journals before they left, Emily also got her own notebook. She has been using it to draw pictures of what she has been doing this summer...but I can't see it because "Journals are PRIVATE Mommy."

Before Mary and Katie left last week we pulled out Emily's new science kit. Everyone had a great time making the ball float in the air.

So far we are having a great summer!

But, I'm missing schooling.......



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