Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fun, Crazy, Chaotic

We had a weekend filled with adjectives. Hot and Humid, were probably repeated the most frequently, but trying not to go there.

This weekend was the last of the Spring sports calendar, plus trying to fit in all these other things before summer camps begin. Emily had her last soccer game at 9am when the temperature was only 1 zillion degrees. An hour later we drove across town to the softball fields to watch Katie's last game. Directly from there we went to the end-of-season lunch for the softball team, where the kids hung out outside at the picnic tables while us weak-kneed adults hunkered inside the restaurant enjoying the air conditioning and watched some soccer. Both Katie and Emily were thrilled to receive their medal/trophy for participation this year. I think Emily is going to rub the coating off her trophy before too much longer.

After lunch Mary and DH headed out to the World Cup party at her soccer coach's house. Since it was on that side of town DH finished his pool route for the weekend so that Sunday could be devoted to getting ready for the party.

Sunday everyone jumped into helping get ready for the party. Emily & Katie were handed sponges and cleaned all the cabinets and walls they could get too. DH focused on the yard work, while Mary and I went shopping. We did good too... by 3:00 the house looked great!!

Except for the fact that one could probably drink the air with a straw it was so humid, we had a great party. A neighbor offered us his swimming pool for a little while, one of Mary's friends is Hispanic-American, so her father showed us all how pinatas are "really" supposed to be done (no hanging it stationary for the kids to swing at). Otherwise, the 10 or so kids entertained themselves while us parents got to sit around and visit.

Monday we needed a recuperation day from our weekend, so DH stayed home from work. I took advantage of him being home to get started packing the two big girls for camp next week. I took both Mary and Katie out separately during the day for some alone time and shopping. I think we all enjoyed the time together. Mary and I often get to run out for one thing or another, but I don't often get time alone with Katie. She is such a fun, easy kid to hang out with that I can't help but to have fun.

Thankfully, for our wallet after this weekend, the girls are pretty well prepared for camp this summer. Some toiletries, new socks and underwear, and the ever necessary flashlight replacements I think we are ready to send them off to the wilderness for a week at a time this summer.

Mary leaves on Thursday with her grandparents, who will then take her to camp in the mountains on Sunday. I'll meet my Mom halfway on Friday to hand over Katie. She will stay with my mom for the week while going to day camp at the beach. I don't think I've ever had them this far apart at one time.

Emily is looking forward to next week when she will be the 'big' girl at home.



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