Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Finally stopped raining

I'm going to be glad of this rain come summer, but 4 days of cold, misty weather is really depressing. Obviously I wouldn't do so well in the Northwest states.

I've taken advantage of a day-and-a-half of sun to get outside and do some garden chores. I have seedlings in the Spring bed already. I planted a few more rows of spinach. We love fresh spinach in this house. I've turned the dirt again in the summer bed and added more decomposing straw to the soil. I think I may use part of the summer bed to plant some extra peas this Spring.

This afternoon I began cleaning out on of the "flower" beds in the front yard. I use the term "flower" loosely. The only things that grow are weeds. I want to put it to some usable purpose, but it is shady, especially in the summer. I have not been able to figure out what would work best in our front yard.

As of today we had ten eggs from our ladies.

To celebrate we had eggs for dinner! They were delicious!! With it we had bread & jelly. Blackberry jelly I made from the berries we picked over the summer.

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