Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Finally some good days

The last couple of weeks my main focus has just been to hold it all together and get through this series of migraines. The kids have been wonderful, and just generally cooperative. The weather change at the end of last week to cold and drizzly did not help matters. So, by yesterday when the sun came out and the temps warmed up we took a much needed outside field trip.

We went back to one of our favorite places, the education forest at Lake Jordan. It was interesting to see what the shore line looked like after a summer of rising and falling lake depths.

The kids found a lot of animal tracks down at the water. The identified a family of deer and a raccoon that had been there as early as that morning.

We also collected a bunch of rose quartz rock that we will use for some craft project.
It was just a beautiful day to be down on the water.

Being in the trees wasn't too bad either. This area of the forest had recently undergone a controlled burn by the forest service and new growth was beginning. It was interesting talking about what had burned and what had not, and also how burns can help a forest.

We came home for some lunch and a little rest before our evening activities kicked off. Katie's drama class was wrapping up their first quarter with a little play for the families. Katie's group was doing a play based upon the Aesop Fable "Belling the Cat". Katie was the cat and spent most of the play showcasing her snoring ability.

After the play Katie told me that she LOVES being in front of everybody and performing. I really thinks she does.

After the play we had to do a quick change to take Katie to her Brownie meeting where they were being invested as Brownie scouts that evening. I dropped her off so that they could have their meeting beforehand and I could grab a quick dinner. Came back just in time for the ceremony to begin.

My camera's battery lasted through the first part of the ceremony, but died just as I was taking a picture of Katie being pinned.

Next week Mary has her investiture ceremony, even though I am leading I am hoping to get a photo of her. After that I will have to take a photo of the two of them wearing their vest, they look so spiffy.

We are still managing to balance all the evening activities. It is a good thing the kids don't have to get up in the morning to meet a schoolbus or do all that homework, they would be burned out...or I would. Tonight we will be having a "family dinner". Mary is helping me plan and cook the meal, and we will sit down to catch up and enjoy our time together.



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