Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Miracle Fish

Last week Mary used her money to add another member to our family, a betta fish she named King.

On Monday, unknown to the rest of the family, Robbie managed to sneak in her bedroom. Inquisitive 3-year-olds and fish do not generally have happy endings. At least 30 minutes later (Robbie had had a bath and eaten) Mary realized that her fish tank was empty. We searched her floor and the table it was King. When Robbie was asked about it he pointed to one of the kittens. We figured that King was no longer with us. Mary was heartbroken that she wouldn't even be able to bury the poor creature.

When Mary went to her bed to mourn, she found King on her comforter still flopping around. We quickly got him into some water and three days later he is still swimming and looking stronger every day.

So far, he is our miracle fish.



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