Thursday, September 01, 2011

Adventure of the Week, Week 1

We've decided that this year we will try to have one adventure every week, mainly close to home. Something neat and interesting that we may not get a chance to do very often.
Most know of my children's affinity for getting dirty... did not surprise me that their first choice this year was to go to a spur of the local lake. We have been under moderate drought conditions this summer and have been watching the water levels drop in the lake. Mary thought it would be neat to hike across the exposed lake bed to an island normally only accessible by boat.
We learned pretty quickly to stay on the areas that the mud has begun cracking & growing grass. Otherwise, one got sucked in pretty deep.

This log has spent many years under water and has very interesting texture.

More logs exposed after many years.

In the end only Katie and Mary made it across to the island as there was one moderately deep stream that needed crossing.

Robbie found this blue & black dragonfly. It was huge!
What is this plant, Mom? It was growing all along the edge of the lake.
This hawk cause quite an uproar in the woods next to the lake.

Stay tuned for next weeks selection...we'll see how dirty we get.


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