Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Years are A'Passin

I can remember not too many years ago looking through a book about homeschooling middle school. I thought that seemed way off in the future. Way, way off.

This year I look at the bookcase and realize that Middle School is here, now.

I'm moving into our 8th year of "homeschooling", or at least eight years since we made the decision to give homeschooling a try. Some days I can't believe we have lasted this long, others I am so thankful that we live this lifestyle.

I've been given the chance to watch all my children move through the many stages of their lives.

I don't get to take too many pictures of Mary or Katie anymore at the table. Mary spends her school time on the sofa where she can keep her coffee cup nearby. Katie moves around from table to living room to bedroom and back depending on her mood. They don't actually have to sit right next to me to get their work done. A weekly "To Do" List and a pile of books and they are good.

But, that is okay because I still have Emily and Robbie. Where I used to have elementary students and toddlers...I now have middle school/upper elementary and lower elementary students.



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