Wednesday, September 14, 2011

History Paper - Take 1

Early Human Life

One day a little girl name Mary loved

history, but she had to do a paper about humans between 2000 BC and 1000 BC . I'm going to tell you what the paper said.

Between 12000 and 10000 years ago the ice age ended and big animals become scarcer. Farming began between 11000 and 8000 years ago, when people started framing and raising animals for food. Farming led to new discoveries like axes, hoes, grindstones, smelting and casting metals, the wheel, and the plow.

People began to live together in larger groups. By 1000 BC chiefdoms had more then 5000 people in the cities. Chiefdom lived where farming technologies was developed more then other places in the world.

As chiefdoms became larger, the first civilizations came about. These cities had tens of thousands of people and were ruled by kings. Kings got their power through religion. Early civilizations led to the development of laws, taxes, and job specialization.

Another development from early civilizations was writing. The earliest writing used pictures. Writing was used by the governments to control supplies and to recorded achievements by the kings.

Mary told the class and she got a A+ and her mom took her to ice cream shop and they all lived happy

The End

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