Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two month Garden Update

At the beginning of January I took a big chance and planted a 'Spring' garden. This was two months earlier than most recommend here in zone 7B. The winter had been super mild and was forecasted to continue being mild...so I spent $20 and got busy.

This week is generally considered the beginning of planting season around here. I am finally seeing pots of started plants in the stores and gardening tools out for sale. I have planted two Spring gardens, about two weeks apart. Instead of just getting seeds in I'm not too far away from beginning to harvest.

Here is my larger garden today...

It needs weeding, we had a lot of rain over the weekend and I have not gotten to it yet.

I'm using container gardening to increase our garden size this year. I'm hoping to have a deck full of green by mid-summer.

Robbie and Emily planting their strawberry plants we got for free from the garden shop this weekend.
The strawberry starts from last year that I found buried under some mulch and replanted.
Parsley that overwintered really well this year.
Chives...other herbs will be planted as the season goes on.
Pots of rosemary

The hens are doing their jobs too...

Turning the mulch over the garden and eating the weeds.
Producing our eggs
As money and time comes in we will continue to add to the homestead. In about a month , just after Easter we will be doing our big planting.

The kids and I are excited about the way our garden is coming together this year.


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