Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back to the Grind - Yeah

After nearly a month off we are totally ready to hit the floor running today. In fact the girls have been asking when we are going to start lessons again for the last few days.

The holiday has been a bonanza of finding books and materials for us to use this coming quarter. Mary received both The Daring Book for Girls and The Dangerous Book for Boys (I couldn't decide as both books had really good ideas and activities. Of course Mary thinks the girl's book should also be named "Dangerous", because girls like being dangerous too. Mary also received a box set of Felicity books from the American Girl collection, which has led to an interest in the American Revolution period.

Whereas, Katie received more miniature animals for her collection, including a whole tube of sea animals. She has decided that we need to study oceans this period for her. Which works out because I can do a unit study for both of them incorporating geography and all.

At the library I found where they hid all the good math books in the adult non-fiction section, and came home with Math Magic for your Kids by Scott Flansburg. Lots of great activities and games for adding a little more natural math into our day. I can already see a renewal and a fine to get through this book with the kids.

I cleaned the girls' bedroom and went through all our board games (getting rid of the ones that are broken or too many missing parts) and am good to go today. The girls made a list of what they would like to do today: math, reading, science and making God's Eyes following the directions in Mary's book. I would like to go on a walk, but it is only going to be in the upper 30s with a howling wind out of the NW.

Anyway, I'm still really looking forward to this coming year. The break was good for us, we needed it and now we are ready. At least until February/March when the late-winter doldrums set in.

And, for Melora, I am taking the Mary and Katie skiing the first weekend in February and they have asked if there was anyway we could stop by and visit you again? They still talk constantly about our visit this summer.



Melora said...

We would love to have you visit!! When you pick a day, just e-mail, and we will be ready for an outing or a day playing inside, depending on the weather and your inclinations!

kitten said...

Does sound like yall had a wonderful Holiday! We are going to start back Monday, I hope. My mom is sick, so I'll have to figure our schedule out around me taking care of her.
Happy New Year!

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