Friday, January 04, 2008

End of week cap

Our week has been pretty uneventful. Trying to get back into the rhythm of school and chores and fun, and that always means a few testy days. Unfortunately it has been cold. Cold - Cold, and dry to boot. None of us want to spend more than the minimum amount of time outside - which means they are all getting somewhat antsy, and not a little irritating. Outside, active nature time is a must for us, obviously.

Wednesday was a struggle all day in regards to schoolwork. They wanted to do it...and they didn't. I tried to light a fire, but the wood was still a little damp and my fire building skills are not the best. I had visions of a nice roaring fire and all of us curled up listening to me read. Instead I spent an hour or so messing with the blooming thing. By that time the children had decided to occupy themselves with the motherload of playdough Emily received for her birthday, and they were not in any mood to be dragged away from that. In the end we did manage to do reading, math and science, and DH built us a nice, warm roaring fire when he came home from work.

Thursday went better, thanks to gymnastics in the middle of the day. Once they had expended all the cooped up energy Mary and Katie were much more inclined to finish their work. We worked through the first couple of chapters of the math book I found at the library. It surprised them, as they thought it was going to be BORING. Mary even did okay having to re-read her poem three times in order to answer my questions.

Today, being Friday, is game day, crafts and science activities. And, since I haven't planned out any science activities for today, it was games and crafts. Mary has been busy making God'sEyes and asking me to teach her how to sew (I told her to get back to me after I take a sewing course). After lunch they pulled out a few games and have been busy occupying themselves. I really wish they would go outside...really wish.

We have done well this week eating out of the pantry and avoiding grocery stops. I did go by the store after my appointment Wednesday evening, mainly to pick up more eggs, oatmeal and a box of baby wipes. I also had to get a refill card for my cellphone. I ended up spending $59 all together, since I found chocolate chips on sale, decided to treat Mary to some cream cheese and myself to M&M's that were on sale(these are my evening sanity medicine). All-in-all, not to shabby for me. This weekend I am going in search of soy flour to use as an egg replacer in my baking - eggs are just getting too expensive to use.

We have been eating well this week (always the case at the beginning of the month).

This was dinner last night:
1/2 lb Kielbasa
1 small onion
2 TBS roasted garlic
1 can kidney beans (rinsed)
1 can diced tomatoes
1 cup instant rice
1 can corn
~ 2 cups of water
dash cumin
dash oregano
salt and pepper to taste
a few drops of hot sauce

I have followed recipes for red beans and rice in the past, and they have never come out as good as this quick and easy stove-top recipe. I could have precooked some rice and used that, but I had this box of minute rice that only had a cup or so left. It made enough for a small army, or at least for our dinner and leftovers for DH today.

So, like I said the beginning of the month in a pantry challenge is always fairly easy. Wait until the end when I start coming up with some real creations ;)


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J-Lynn said...

That looks GOOD! When we were in NY over the holidays we had lot sof kielbasa they make a lot of Cuban/Polish traditions combined at DH's family. :-)

How the heck are ya?!

A family of six living and learning. You might catch us outside in the mud or working on crafts. We always seem to be on the go, come on and join us.