Sunday, January 13, 2008

My new project

On our way home this week from piano I came across this bicycle sitting in a neighbor's yard with a "Free" sign. I brought it home to see what DH thought. It is actually in okay shape. We have put air in the tires and they are holding. The front gears were stripped so we put the chain on the middle gear in the front and it still gives me seven mid-range gears. How many do I really need for puttering around here.

I want to replace the seat with one that is padded. My old behind can't take these pointy un-cushioned seats for very long. And, I have been 'window' shopping on-line for baskets. I can't decide if I want a front basket, rear basket or even just go ahead and get both.

My thoughts are that I will be using it not only to get out and exercise with the kids, but also for quick trips to the store and library. Yesterday Mary and I rode our bikes to the library and had a great time, although I do have to say my legs were burning by the time we got home. It really didn't take us any longer on bike than when we take a car since we can cut through the woods as opposed to going around a couple of neighborhoods.

For the last six months I have been wanting a bicycle, but with all of our other expenses could not justify the $100-$200 expense. Again, I am reminded that if I wait long enough good things will come. Now we are on the lookout for a really big bike for my 6'5" husband.


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