Sunday, March 07, 2010

Beautiful day for .... soccer

Buckle up people, Spring Sports began this weekend for us. Mary's U-10 team opened up their season on one of the nicest days we have had since last fall.

The girls showed very little affect from having two months off, and then not even being able to practice most of February. We are not sure if the final score was 7-1 or 8-1, but during the second half they were not allowed to score until they passed the ball at least three times. A nice easy start before next week when we travel to one of the better U-10 teams.

Mary's passes looked great and I noticed that she really is dribbling the ball up the field while keeping her head up!!

Big improvements from last season. Now, we just need to set up a target for her to practice shooting on. She had at least four opportunities that she went either just left or just right of the goal, including one that hit the INSIDE of the goalpost before bouncing off. She did score once and had two really nice assists.

We had a nice time out at the fields and catching up with the other parents. I'm going to try to enjoy March, because once April hits we'll also have softball (Katie) and rec soccer (Emily) every weekend.



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