Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day Out!

We took a much needed day off from the paper and pencils today and headed over to one of our favorite museums. By coincidence, it happens to be Katie's half-birthday. We made it into a small celebration.

The first stop was the Fossil Pit. Being over-cast and cool, we had the entire area to ourselves for quite awhile.

The little ones just like digging holes.

Mary has the technique down for finding the tiny sharks' teeth mixed in with the rocks.

After a half-an-hour we had found about 30 teeth and it was getting too cool for us, so we headed for the Butterfly/Insect house.

Checking out the colorful, poisonous frogs.

Look at these HUGE Cockroaches!

Interested in the close-ups of the fruit flies eating.

Munching caterpillar!

We love, love, love the butterfly atrium in the winter. While everything is gray/brown and cold outside, it is such a relief to walk into someplace warm, bright and colorful.

After the butterfly house we took a lunch break. And then came back to 'play' in the actual museum.

The kids are loving the new math exhibit they added this past year.

We also watched the crash demo of a child in a booster seat, strapped in properly, versus not in a booster. Hopefully the point was made to the children why I insist on them being belted in correctly.

Then, we stopped by the preschool area to give the little ones a chance to blow off some steam. But, the museum was soon overrun by three bus loads of middle school students let loose on the place. So, we called it a day ad headed home.

On the way home we stopped by the store and picked up some flower bulbs and seeds for the children to plant. They have been wanting to do some gardening, so I figured today would be a good day to do it.

It was a great day off from 'school' !



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