Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Space Lab

We actually had some science lab activities yesterday. How long has it been since I've run a science lab in the house? Love science, hate the mess and trying to get three interested girls to work together instead of at odds.

I had purchased this Magic School Bus Secrets of Space Kit thinking that it would have some fun & easy projects to go along with our Space study. I was right. It is just at the right level to be used with three girls ranging in age from 5-10. Everything is in the kit except AA batteries for the flashlight. That is really awesome...open and go.

Yesterday, we looked at why the moon is so bright even though it doesn't produce it's own light? Very appropriate given the very large, bright full moon we had over the weekend. All the girls had fun coming up with their own hypothesis.

Mary also completed her lab page in her 'Book of Space'

I would have liked to have Katie do one also, but recently everything is so hard for her that I just figured I would have to pick my battles.

Getting her to do her copywork and math is enough of a win for me everyday.

See the happy little girl at the end...she has finally figured out handwriting. What a steep mountain that was for her in November and December.

Now, it is one of the first things she asks for everyday.

Off the re-do my calendar for March...soccer practices have changed AGAIN! Glad I do it in pencil.



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Lorrie said...

Wow! My boys would LOVE something like this! Thanks for the head's up. :)

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