Saturday, February 27, 2010

Two months of the year done!!

We finished off the rest of the week pretty well. It helped that we had no outside activities planned for Thursday and Friday. All of us needed a bit of a rest.

In history we only completed our US History assignments this week as I didn't feel like rushing through World History. We read Shh! We're Writing the Constitution by Jean Fritz, touched on the Constitution and Bill of Rights and discussed.

We studied Mercury and Venus in science. The girls completed notebook pages, both choosing to draw and write about Venus.
Then the girls pulled out the planet pack and put our solar system on the wall.

Mary continued working though temperature in her math program, but also worked on her multiplication facts in build up to beginning division in a couple of weeks.

In Language Arts we studied the poem "Jabberwocky" and discussed rhyming schemes and Mary continued working on irregular plural nouns.

Katie enjoyed playing on SpellingCity to cement her spelling words, although this list was really easy for her anyway. She took her test on Friday and scored another 100%. She is still working on memorizing her addition facts to 20. Her Math Mammoth lessons have been working on mental tricks of addition that are really confusing Katie for some reason, so we are focusing on memorizing. Katie completed her writing assignment of narrating The Frog Prince and did several sheets on nouns for grammar.

I don't have any pictures of Emily this week, but she kept busy too. We finished a couple more lessons in OPGTR, and is now sounding out 4-letter words with blended endings. Emily LOVES being able to read. We also started working on inequalities in math and introduced the 'alligator' mouth. Her handwriting is really coming along well this winter, she worked on letters x, z, and h this week.

Robbie and I did some work this week with counting and colors. His favorite activities though are letters...writing letters and sounding out letters. He is starting to sound out CVC words on his own.

Friday evening I took the children to my in-laws, came home to clean the house and then took my hardworking man out to dinner. We needed a night out to talk and reconnect after this crazy month.



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